The World and Everything In It

If you believe that God is the name of the most powerful life force that ever existed and who has absolute power over death then you’re like me.

I think that I like the idea that humans began in Africa, after all, there is a very reputable book publisher named Dell that states that the oldest bones were found in Central Africa about forty thousand years ago, so who am I to argue. The next oldest idea is that human life began in Syria or South America about twenty thousand years ago. There’s an idea that life began in China about eight thousand years ago and another idea contained in a book called the Holy Bible that states life was destroyed by a flood that covered the whole earth and a family of eight were lucky enough to get a heads up by God and built an Ark and filled it with a lot of animals and survived to begin again somewhere near Kuwait a few thousand years ago.

Do you think that maybe some people think about the past a lot?

I like the past.

I can hardly remember much about the past, but, I like it.

It sounds like it belongs there.

Yesterday, yesterday, yesterday…,

What about today?

The United States Government is still waiting to hear what the Tax Payers and Voters have to say about the United States and Mexico Border before there able to Uphold and Enforce the Laws because they have been entrusted to carry out the orders of the people that live there and make the decisions about what goes on in the area and besides there the ones with all the money.

The Federal Government states that the United States Government owes them so much money they will never be out of debt and Mexico is the only country anywhere that calls itself the Federal Government of Mexico so what are they up to anyway?

The Bankers are difficult to understand sometimes and since they keep talking about a Government shut down I wonder if they’re worried that if everybody thinks they owe them so much money they aren’t trying to figure out a way to get it from them and keep it coming in after it’s built so they don’t really know if they want to agree to pay for a wall over and over again and it’s become this mottled conversation because people need jobs anyway and who cares after all it’s only money that will probably end up back at the bank anyway.

Is it about the United States Government and the Citizens feeling like they have enough Rights to tell the Federal Government to back off and still get paid anyway because no one wants to give someone something if they’re just going to insult their intelligence and hurt their feelings, too.

All I know is that there shouldn’t be any unemployment because money isn’t something the Federal Government is short on but getting paid to be useful for something other than protesting is something the United States Government and Citizens complain that there just isn’t enough to go around to keep everyone on their best behavior but then again there always were a lot of people that enjoyed sex, violence and partying right in front of those that don’t really know anything about it.

Will the Federal Government pull through this one and keep the money in circulation with three eight hour shifts on a twenty four hour a day schedule or will they call it a night and lock it all up and take a shift or two off.

I guess will all have to just wait and see…,

Seattle Story Tellers

My earliest memory of Seattle, known as the Emerald City, is when I was about four years old and I was in the Kennedy Household and John F. Kennedy, Jr. let me wear the grey wool suit that he wore to his dad’s funeral, the late United States President John F. Kennedy and I had a lot of people taking my picture. I wasn’t any stranger to picture taking because my mom and dad entered me into all kinds of beauty contests back in Philadelphia, New York, Washington, D.C. and a few more world class cities. When I was six years old, believe it or not I became a lifetime SAG-AFTRA Member and that’s an Actor/Lawyer on behalf of the Government and then after getting a lot of work in Showbiz and getting famous by the time I turned twelve years old I was asked to loan the money to Seattle Municipal Hall because they were poor and there were a lot of people that really didn’t want to offer much debt forgiveness to the poor thinking they have too much trouble understanding that people work hard for their money and don’t want to feel like they’re just giving it away so it was kind of a renaissance of charity. At about the time I turned fourteen I got a really cool computer company that I’m pretty sure without saying very much I would just let them handle the profits and I also got a scholarship to the University of the Air-Force and four years later I graduated.


I was living in Seattle and I had many jobs that everyone kept referring to as Agency Work and told me that I had a lot of money on account and asked me what I was going to do with it all and one time I said that I would like to go to Disneyland and so began a very fairytale like lifestyle for me, “The Kidd from the Orphanage” for many years to come.

The Economy and the Psychlogy of Pressure

I think about a lot of things every day and today they seem to have asked me to place them on the people with those views and opinions that seem to strongly suggest that everyone is to concede and stop to look at them before resuming their work thinking about them as they get sleepy and want to retire to some place comfortable much better for it and then to not have to think about how taxes affect everyone because that’s their job.

So let me begin by pointing out that the United States President makes decisions that are meant benefit everyone.

The President is a strong advocate for everyone and the dreams they have of financial independence as the reality and meaning of what it means to be a United States Citizen and an American by talking candidly, hopefully and enthusiastically about those values.

A United States Citizen is anyone born in the U.S. and anyone else that the Immigration and Naturalisation Service decides is worth it.

The United States has always been a place where anyone can find what they need if they can wait long enough and America has always been the place where waiting is a big part of life and the thing that we have in common and that’s the pay.

Food and Drinking It

Shakes, shakes, shakes, there are so many nutritional supplements to choose from most of us that have been at it for awhile don’t care to talk about them for very long at all because when we do we use a lot of words like healthy, sick, strong, diarrhea, and more or less that we wind up darn close to having a fit and going off the plan we made to keep that from happening as if we could control the natural urge to ignore everything we ever knew about life, the language of love, and go on grunting and groaning looking for something satisfying that makes us feel like a million bucks and ready to go after it and grab it by the horns.