Everybody Acts a Little Weird Sometimes Around Here

Since I’ve been in King County, Washington for over three years, this time, with plenty of other previous visits over the years I wanted to say something about how the County came to be and let me give you a brief summary of what they say here about it. Back in 1828 the Deputy Marshals in New York City got into a fight and left and went to North Dakota and began the State Police and then down to New Mexico and started the Sheriffs Association and then over to California and on up to Seattle, Washington where they built the King County Courthouse and placed a sign outside the door that says the People of Texas did it and the last time I checked the sign is no longer there. I did some research and the King County Administration Headquarters is just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. So there we have it, in essence, the King County Sheriff is from Atlanta, Georgia. The History Books state that at about the time of the American Revolution of 1776 – 1789, County Philadelphia packed up and went to Atlanta, Georgia stopping in Washington, DC briefly to celebrate the new Capitol’s Grand Opening Party. The History Books also say that the Marshal College is in Philadelphia and was managed by the Sheriff’s Department making the Marshal the best darn educated Sheriff ever to more then a few Deputy Marshals, Sheriffs and Sheriff Deputies including the Military. This implies that Philadelphia is the true authority of the Federal Government and that because the Pennsylvania Railroad is also the United States Railroad and that the United States Army owns that interest they operate not only the Mint but the Transit company bringing about the idea they are Engineers aboard the Money Train and since Texas is where the first Corporation for Government began it isn’t hard to understand that the Money Train leaves Philadelphia and goes to the Monet Factory there in Texas on a regular schedule to keep up good relations with their long standing friends that have been an integral part of United States Government from the very beginning even if that Corporation for Government had its sights set on claiming Texas for Mexico and the Texans claim they didn’t get much help, right away, in fending the Mexicans off telling them otherwise and are very controlling about the money supply after having been given the authority to pay all Civil Servants.

I understand that back in the beginning Congress authorized the Deputies from Connecticut, typically thought to be the Coast Guard, to Command the Federal Government by order of the Marshal who is the Chief and the Deputies from Virginia, typically thought to be the National Guard, were hostile to the idea and that came into focus during the Civil War which proved nothing about who is a better leader and that it only proved that they should work together. But it did prove that the Coast Guard are Police wherever there is Water and the National Guard are Police wherever there is Treasure which sounds good enough to me to call a fair deal.

My birth certificate says that I’m from County Philadelphia and I graduated the Marshal College but because of some life threatening injuries when I was about twenty and as soon as I completed the mandatory twelve years as Magistrate, Magistrate – Judge at twenty eight I suddenly became a very rich homeless person that depends on all them deputies to get any money from the bank.

I have been thinking about the fact that the State Attorneys and the Marshals pay is controlled by the Federal Attorney Generals Office and I understand that the Federal Attorney General is thought to be from New York but that he is the President of the University of Virginia and owns the White House which is the United States Treasury Bank Headquarters and that the President leads from the office of the Marshal but is not required to have an education to do so which is really confusing because the Marshal has to have a Doctorate of Philosophy which means about twenty five years of schooling and the Secret Service is often overheard telling them its too dangerous for the Marshal to enter the White House. The Secret Service are Sheriffs and considered spies in foreign countries, I just thought I should mention that so there’s no confusion about my Integrity in writing this letter. The Marshal manages the Courthouse but the Secret Service says they are behind in their County Taxes so they have taken over and just so there’s no confusion about my memory I remember that the Marshal is still a Sheriff.

So, what’s up with that noise?

Virginia has always been called the land of the Lawyer and the South the Military and I’m pretty sure they hired one of their own to be the Federal Attorney General but like I said it could be a New Yorker so what I’m getting at is the Federal Attorney General really a King County Sheriff who secretly longs to be the Sheriff of Knottingham as described in that 14th Century Novel about Robin Hood and his Merrimen because County Philadelphia used to be called County Knottingham like County Knottingham in Ireland before the King took it over and annexed it calling it Belfast, United Kingdom? Did I tell you that King County Headquarters is in Texas and that Texas took over and annexed Mexico and basically still manages it? Some interesting things to think about I think. So am I really Robin Hood I’m starting to wonder because I have been on the streets and sleeping on the sidewalk every night for over five years and I’m a little worried about every one’s sanity.

Let me start again.

How are you doing?

I know that getting famous is worth a lot but that it’s a gift and that the Federal Government is a lot like that because it was started by people who’s heart was in the right place but that they were a lot like dreamers acting out their ideas on stage so I don’t plan to try and take by force what’s been promised to me for all of my hard work but I am getting sick and tired of getting surprised and having to contend with people not interested that in all and then having no place for me to retreat to but I am grateful praying to the Holy Spirit comes easily so I guess that when the times right I’ll get what’s mine and well having been asked to do all that government work is just something that happened and some people never have to do any government work at all so I should just try to rest assured that we both know I didn’t chicken out.

In My Opinion: Philadelphia

The United States of America began in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 17, 1789 after the United States Constitution was Ratified by Congress and then signed into Law. Philadelphia was chosen as the birthplace of a new country of many cultures and traditions because it had an active shipping port where people spoke English and Christianity flourished while proprietary laws favored the rights of homeowners to protect themselves as the law. After the United States Constitution was signed into Law by Congress and the President it was revealed that Philadelphia had discovered Electricity and the community around Independence Hall was electrified to know that electricity was at every corner lamp post and in every home because of the discoveries of Benjamin Franklin, a New Yorker, who as a child had been accused of crime, escaped to Massachusetts and was brought to a Philadelphia Workhouse to serve the government. Benjamin Franklin went on to make many discoveries including the usage of a stamp on a letter as way of paying the wages of the letter carrier before hand and then became the first Post Master General of the United States of America. He made a great printing press and a newspaper and then convinced the Congress that a stamp could be placed on a promissory note and call it a bill which later changed to cash and claim the goods and services needed from the government for a change, realistically, by simply presenting it anywhere it was accepted for payment which was at many of the Merchants in Philadelphia since the North American Insurance Company insured the Navy Ships made there and were also the guarantors of the new currency system, producing a very strong economy, that permitted a Coast Guard to work side by side with the National Guard in many of the establishments in Philadelphia until they were needed to go about the city and confirm that the new currency was authentic. There were two notable Virginians that kept up a relationship after the War, Thomas Jefferson who wrote the Declaration of Independence near Independence Hall before the Revolutionary War and later on became the first Secretary of State but had to quit after a year because of the stress of having left his Monticello Estate so he returned to Virginia to live there and continue on with his dream at the University but did make a comeback in Politics a few years later but in Washington, DC to become the 3rd United States President and the other Virginian to stay in Philadelphia after the Revolutionary War was George Washington who became the first United States President who also began making many important decisions and discoveries about the consequences waging war in support of the legal system and who many consider as having been successful at bringing about the United States Courts as many of those that fought with him in that cause of war died homeless and broken in and around the parks of Philadelphia which were well maintained by paid servants.

The City of Philadelphia

The Unofficial Record

The American Revolutionary War with the British to establish “Home Rule” and a Court System managed by United States Citizens began on July 4th, 1776 when a Virginian named Thomas Jefferson penned the “Declaration of Independence” and after condemning the actions of the British Soldiers at Bunker Hill in Boston, Massachusetts left Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and returned to Albemarle County Charlottesville, Virginia to take up the cause of establishing Federal leadership amidst the Confederate Army that had formed in the South and had begun marching north to New York to hold a Convention and begin the United States Supreme Court in a stable and then a Bank and then with a Congress the Judiciary Act in Philadelphia in 1789 where the United States Government would reside until 1800 when Washington, DC which had been the former Estate of a British Aristocrat named Lord Berkley that had flourished along the Atlantic Coast of Maryland and Virginia before the Federal Government would claim the land and officially open for business as the Central Government, where the Laws of the United States would be made and the People of the United States of America would establish themselves in the Arts and provide Welfare to everyone less fortunate so that they might learn valuable life lessons and go out into the country and do likewise for everyone interested in living in the land of the free and home of the brave encouraged to embrace life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and if they should obtain property to feel safe and think it wise to leave it in the care of those that share the same goals.

I’m from Philadelphia as far as I know and we were taught that the National Guard were the first Militia to take up position in Philadelphia and it was in a Fort along the Delaware River in anticipation of an attack by the British Army before the American Revolution as Philadelphia was the most successful Shipping Port anywhere and there was a great need to protect that interest. After the Revolutionary War and life was returning to normal we were taught that Massachusetts was permitted to open a Fire Station in Old City in 1812 and that after a fight broke out in 1828 on the street outside the Ritz-Carlton Hotel the National Guard who had served as Maid Servants and Man Servants stepped out to end it gave rise to the first Organized Police Department after a partnership with the very first Police Station near Camden, New Jersey that would later go on to form the Transit Police Union Hall in Frankford, Philadelphia and after the Pennsylvania Railroad became the United States Railroad at about the time that it was decided that brand new tracks would be laid in Virginia and that they would extend all the way to California as the Transcontinental Railroad our ancestors now began to understand exactly what the Federal Government does with the Confederate Army and the term Continental Army was more understandable and it became readily acceptable to call the National Guard the United States Army as they became the authors of much of the Civil Law and as the Navy made strong arguments against these actions and many of the Navy’s leaders and Ship Owners known as the United States Government Police exited the basement of the United States Capitol Building in Washington DC to take up positions as Justice after the United States Supreme Court Building was completed they were assassinated by forgers from the Midwest beginning the fight for control over the Central Government and at the conclusion of the United States Civil War the new Federal Policy seemed to be on of limiting the power of the Courts until in 1948 it was decided that there would be no more new U.S. Appeals Courts built and that anyone suspected of terrorism would be subject to internment in a foreign detainment camp outside of the country if need be giving rise to the possibility that Slavery may be preferred by much of the government and that it might possibly have managed to become legal in large measure after all the years of trying to keep it outlawed as needless poverty in the community.

Why might there have been a decision to end the U.S. Appeals Courts?

Under current legislation the Federal Attorney General manages the finances of the State Attorneys and the United States Marshal and both the State Attorneys and United States Marshals Government Organizations are of Navy Origin that began in Pennsylvania long before the Federal Government marched north through Pennsylvania and New York towards the Canadian Border to repel the British Forces at the Hudson Bay Company still loyal to the Courts in England and then back south to Philadelphia and then onto Lord Berkley’s Estate on the Maryland and Virginia Border and claimed it in the interest of the United States.

Lord Berkeley left the United States and sailed back to England and then sailed from England back to the United States on the other side of the country to California and built a new Estate which is now a University and as I had mentioned the Transcontinental Railroad extends from Virginia, very near Washington, DC all the way to California.

Back when the United States became a Country the State of Maryland sued the United States Government Treasury and officially became the United States Treasury Police, six months before the United States Marshal became the Federal Chief, so has Maryland decided that United States Marshals and the State Attorneys from Pennsylvania are the enemy of the Central Banking System so their pay for their participation in Government has been limited and at their discretion, that would certainly explain why there is no Federal Funding of the United States Railroad Police and it’s Safe Operation and payroll is a matter of Public Funding by the Citizens of New York for the most part and their idea that every City should have a City Hall complete with a New Yorker as Mayor and United States Marshals and State Attorneys as the Guardians of Democracy in the Republic while everyone else in the government watches the door and patrols the streets around City Hall.

The first Corporation in the United States was along the Texas/Mexico Border and they a were a Federal Partner of the United States Government and partnership led to the town of El Paso, Texas and the United States Customs House, there.

A lot of Historians say New York is the Headquarters of the Coast Guard and Virginia is the Headquarters of the National Guard and together they are the Federal Government, but are they really? Both the Coast Guard and National Guard are lawyers for the Government and it’s no secret Pennsylvania and New Jersey refuse to believe it’s true because a lot of the time they make claims against them and since Pennsylvania has the most fertile soil because their farmers are the best and New Jersey has the best manufacturing because their mechanics are topps it seems like the Federal Government is constantly trying to pass laws and give money to those that have the time to watch their back all day long while they are in town enjoying themselves and that give’s slavery a better place in government then the work the farmer or the manufacturer does and that means to most everyone that the government is just a lot of bad words directed at hard working people that have better things to do then argue with them about it. I’m a farmer and a manufacturer and I’m government but because of a disability and a lot of bad words directed at me I’m on the streets very poor even though I have millions of dollars insured and in the banks near where I live that seem to pass so quickly through my hands that I’m sure that I never even had a chance to feel what it’s like to have made so much money in farming and manufacturing and at the theater singing and dancing about it that I think they expect me to say it never happened and that I should start dating especially if I need a place to live and want someone to help take care of me and to be honest the only people that walk around at night seem to be people that have a lot on their mind but don’t really want to talk about it very much.




An Informal United States History Lesson

According to the “History Books”, I’ve been reading over the years, the Americas could have begun about twenty thousand years ago when Mongolians crossed the Bering Sea and the Pacific Ocean at the Isthmus or land bridge connecting the Siberian Wilderness of the Asian Continent with the Alaskan Wilderness of the North American Continent at about the Arctic Circle continuing east and south eventually reaching Cape Horne in South America eventually becoming known as the Aztec, Maya and Inca. Although, the people who write those kinds of “History Books” are amazing and very smart I must admit I think they are politically minded and very interested in selling books and the conversations about them because the Europeans might have traveled to North America long before Leif Eriksson did at about the time England became a country around one thousand years in the common era or after “Jesus Christ” the true Author of the “Holy Bible” lived and died for all of our sins so that we could all go to heaven just for admitting that’s the truth and the Africans might have traveled to South America long before they were brought there by the European Slave Traders of the seventeenth century and everybody just co-existed by helping one another survive nature every day through conversation and putting in overtime when one of them wasn’t feeling so well.

As far as I know, I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but there’s a chance that I might actually be from Germany since the General Hospital I was born at was a Museum at the time and my parents indicated that I may have been orphaned to New York but was adopted and probably by some people from Washington. Lucky me!

I like Seattle and according to a lot of people I made a lot of money working for the government and I’m rich and all I have to do is ask and I can have as much as I need. Great!

Apparently, the economy is in terrible shape and I haven’t been unable to get much from them so I have to be patient and stay outside at night and try to wait until things get better so I’ve always been told by everyone I’ve ever known and they tell me that it might be a good idea to find somebody that I like and ask them if they can help me out and that I should promise to repay them as soon as possible if they do. Well, that’s easier said then done because I’m a prude and I’m vigilant about it. I don’t like to be touched by strangers. No sir, Bob! I am about the most sensitive person I know and when people touch me I can get really mad unless I’m tired and then if it happens, I usually sleep right through it, so I’ve been told by everybody, a long time ago.

I guess I call this an informal history because I have tried formality and that was difficult so I’m trying to think about it this way. After all, I’m in the Northwest and it wasn’t so long ago that the Northwest was a British Protectorate and it still hasn’t wholeheartedly accepted the United States Government as the undisputed official leaders of their life and everything about it, yet, but, it won’t be long, I’ve heard before they do. Did I tell you they convinced me to sign papers that say I’m “United States Government” and that I loaned them my money, afterwards, they told me that because of the injuries I got on the road to fame and fortune that I might not ever get the property that properly identifies me as one of the bosses so I’m left wondering about a lot of things and so are all of the people I see and hear from every day I have to get up and try to find some civilized way to talk to the government about my predicament and face everyone with a smile and something nice to say and well telling them, when I’m nervous, that I’m no angel just doesn’t really sound like something nice, does it? I’m learning to just try and fit in and well that means I have to try and not let the psychology people use to get their way bother me all that much and I have to try and not let the psychology I use get on everyone’s nerves. It’s practically impossible but I’m trying. To tell you the truth. I’ve hurt people bad for messing with me and I expect to be taken out in a really bloody way soon. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be so painful I’m going to cry and beg but they’re not going to listen and I’m almost getting to the point where I just don’t care anymore. I’m sick and tired. I struggle every day and I watch everybody around me as they play around and I can’t help but feel disgusted and I’m ready to explode all over the place. I sure got played growing up. I made more money then ten thousand people might make in a lifetime and it seems like the authorities insist that I must of stole it or something. I thought by forty six I was going to have a place of my own and a car and someone to come home to at the end of the day that cares whether I’m okay or not but I just have the truth and I go to bed angry a lot and have nightmares and people do things to me that I don’t like to wake me up and laugh about it and a lot of them imply they’d like to have sex with me whether I’m awake or not and they’re pretty much not my type. I guess working for the government is supposed to be that way. The people with the guns make all of the decisions and those of us that don’t have one just have to look them in the eye and be ready for whatever they send our way. I graduated a Sociologist, Psychologist, Criminologist from the Civil Service College and the government supposed to pay me a decent wage no matter what but I guess they have a different plan. Politics! Politics! Politics! It really is the way they get through their day and their nights around here. Maybe, one day, things will be different. I just don’t know right now. I’m losing my mind. You don’t have to worry about me. Just try to keep your distance if you can. I don’t have no place to go except within and well that means close my eyes and ignore everyone and hope for the best. If you got someplace better to be then around a grumpy old man that smells bad then go there, please, it’s in your best interested, cause I’m not interested in partying anymore. I never really was anyway. I thought after the lights went down on Broadway as they say, I’d be able to be the Architect I was trained to be but I was wrong again. I admit it. Just stay away from me, please, I don’t want to have to hurt or kill anyone, anymore, I never really did. Go watch television or something I traveled around the world building the internet, radio and television networks for years. Use it already! So long. Goodbye. Thanks for your support!

The World and Everything In It

If you believe that God is the name of the most powerful life force that ever existed and who has absolute power over death then you’re like me.

I think that I like the idea that humans began in Africa, after all, there is a very reputable book publisher named Dell that states that the oldest bones were found in Central Africa about forty thousand years ago, so who am I to argue. The next oldest idea is that human life began in Syria or South America about twenty thousand years ago. There’s an idea that life began in China about eight thousand years ago and another idea contained in a book called the Holy Bible that states life was destroyed by a flood that covered the whole earth and a family of eight were lucky enough to get a heads up by God and built an Ark and filled it with a lot of animals and survived to begin again somewhere near Kuwait a few thousand years ago.

Do you think that maybe some people think about the past a lot?

I like the past.

I can hardly remember much about the past, but, I like it.

It sounds like it belongs there.

Yesterday, yesterday, yesterday…,

What about today?

The United States Government is still waiting to hear what the Tax Payers and Voters have to say about the United States and Mexico Border before there able to Uphold and Enforce the Laws because they have been entrusted to carry out the orders of the people that live there and make the decisions about what goes on in the area and besides there the ones with all the money.

The Federal Government states that the United States Government owes them so much money they will never be out of debt and Mexico is the only country anywhere that calls itself the Federal Government of Mexico so what are they up to anyway?

The Bankers are difficult to understand sometimes and since they keep talking about a Government shut down I wonder if they’re worried that if everybody thinks they owe them so much money they aren’t trying to figure out a way to get it from them and keep it coming in after it’s built so they don’t really know if they want to agree to pay for a wall over and over again and it’s become this mottled conversation because people need jobs anyway and who cares after all it’s only money that will probably end up back at the bank anyway.

Is it about the United States Government and the Citizens feeling like they have enough Rights to tell the Federal Government to back off and still get paid anyway because no one wants to give someone something if they’re just going to insult their intelligence and hurt their feelings, too.

All I know is that there shouldn’t be any unemployment because money isn’t something the Federal Government is short on but getting paid to be useful for something other than protesting is something the United States Government and Citizens complain that there just isn’t enough to go around to keep everyone on their best behavior but then again there always were a lot of people that enjoyed sex, violence and partying right in front of those that don’t really know anything about it.

Will the Federal Government pull through this one and keep the money in circulation with three eight hour shifts on a twenty four hour a day schedule or will they call it a night and lock it all up and take a shift or two off.

I guess will all have to just wait and see…,

Seattle Story Tellers

My earliest memory of Seattle, known as the Emerald City, is when I was about four years old and I was in the Kennedy Household and John F. Kennedy, Jr. let me wear the grey wool suit that he wore to his dad’s funeral, the late United States President John F. Kennedy and I had a lot of people taking my picture. I wasn’t any stranger to picture taking because my mom and dad entered me into all kinds of beauty contests back in Philadelphia, New York, Washington, D.C. and a few more world class cities. When I was six years old, believe it or not I became a lifetime SAG-AFTRA Member and that’s an Actor/Lawyer on behalf of the Government and then after getting a lot of work in Showbiz and getting famous by the time I turned twelve years old I was asked to loan the money to Seattle Municipal Hall because they were poor and there were a lot of people that really didn’t want to offer much debt forgiveness to the poor thinking they have too much trouble understanding that people work hard for their money and don’t want to feel like they’re just giving it away so it was kind of a renaissance of charity. At about the time I turned fourteen I got a really cool computer company that I’m pretty sure without saying very much I would just let them handle the profits and I also got a scholarship to the University of the Air-Force and four years later I graduated.


I was living in Seattle and I had many jobs that everyone kept referring to as Agency Work and told me that I had a lot of money on account and asked me what I was going to do with it all and one time I said that I would like to go to Disneyland and so began a very fairytale like lifestyle for me, “The Kidd from the Orphanage” for many years to come.