Holiday Season

Officially, there are seven or eight Holidays over the year in the United States. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, the Fourth of July, Martin Luther King, Jr’s Birthday, President’s Day, Flag Day, Labor Day and Memorial Day are the usual ones that most people look forward to celebrating from what I remember about America. I’m still in the United States but I’ve been looking for a place for so long that I have a lot of problems to worry about a lot of the time. I get by. I made some business deals a long time ago that keep me struggling to get paid for any kind of work I do. I signed the papers to support the orphanage a long time ago. I see people every day that look like they get paid just to walk around and look important and I wonder how many of them are getting a slice of the pie before I do. Apple Pie is real good. Americans are really a breed all their own. In law school they told us that laws are about behavior. The government gives money to everyone and then takes it back for bad behavior all before any of us ever see any of it. They told us to get used to hypocrisy from the ones with the guns because they’re making all the decisions and they’re only human, too. I guess that only means that if I want to be considered human I shouldn’t tell anybody about the newspaper articles and television shows I watch if they prove Hypocrisy exists. I guess the First Amendment isn’t quite all it’s supposed to be. I’ve been waiting for a long time for the promises of the government. I talk to myself all the time. I tell myself things will get better. I know they will or I’ll just have to change a few things about myself. I wonder what they’ll be?

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