September 2019

It’s the twenty-ninth of the month and the weather is still very pleasant so I decided to go for a walk around town. It was exciting! I saw a lot of pretty girls. I saw a lot of boys expecting to see something happen against the backdrop of a blue-gray sky. I thought about Pink a moment ago right after I decided to write this story. I like Pink because when I was about eight years old I was at Buckingham Palace in London, England making music videos with the Rock Band Pink Floyd for the nearly-completed album ‘The Wall’. That Album was radical. It took us a couple of years to make the individual music videos we all dreamed of making after having traveled around with them for so many years we all had plenty to say with image. The reason I place even more importance on the color pink continues to be because of some leading roles and star-studded opportunities I shared with the Pop Rock Superstar Pink the Entertainer a little before she took center stage with so so much to say and it centers around the time I presented a diamond-studded tiara to her at a Jazz Dance Performance she gave to a wonderful audience while I stood by in a three-piece suit looking like a million bucks back when we were kids. So many stories to tell the world. I love reciting the good times to everyone. I think its great therapy for the times when I’m depressed.

On my walk around Seattle today I passed Westlake Park, Downtown and there were hundreds of people there from the Police Department gathered around a few ‘Trump’ supporters fending off some taunts from the opposition. I watched for a little while and then continued on my walk. I kept thinking about the event so I went around the block and checked it out some more. The crowd was getting bigger so I went in for a closer look and some people besides me raised an eyebrow but they didn’t really say too much, more. I was trying to figure out if they all knew one another and it was some kind of show or something. I figured that maybe they work together for the sake of the free election process so I got out of there as fast as I could. It took a while. I felt like people were asking me questions and that got me to thinking about when I ran for Seattle President and won and I got to work to support soup kitchens in the neighborhoods everywhere we went on the coolest road trip I had been on yet right here in the USA when I was a teenager. We went from town to town every few days for almost an entire year. Not only was I on the general security detail but I often took center stage as an entertainer and opening act for some very famous people from all walks of life before the camera lens of some of the most curious people in the world serving it up to all the people. The walk reminded me a lot of the times I walked around the post sharing the good news to inquiring minds that often wanted everyone to pay a tribute to the union for the local gazette that told them everything they wanted to know about the relationships that sometimes feel immediate and in need of a response to stay out of trouble.

It was a good walk.

I’m back at Starbucks having a cup of coffe watchin g, waiting and listening to some music on Spotify.

Who loves yeah?

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