The Best Story About the United States Marshals

The Legend of this country’s Police Chief is really cool to me. It is said that after the 100 years war between the Catholics and Protestants of the 16th Century the special forces of Europe’s war torn Armies lefts for Africa and regrouped there calling themselves Delta Force and were likened to Soldiers of Fortune that became experts in the tactics of Guerilla Warfare and when the King of England required people of great Diplomatic and Warrior abilities he recruited Delta Force and they left for the America’s and landed at Roanoke, Virginia around 1608 and after having survived there for some time they began to take the attitude of the Natives and abandoned there rustic encampment there and ventured off into the mountains finding Admiral William Penn’s Fort in Pennsylvania and offering a lifetime of service for the hospitality of joining him in Nation building. Admiral Penn had survived the Hundred’s Year War as a Sailor and Soldier that had lost his leg but continued to serve the King of England as a Rum Runner that made frequent trips to Europe, Africa and the Americas especially Puerto Rico where Rum was the best until the King of England granted his claim on the land known as Pennsylvania. Today the Pennsylvania National Guard claims that the service began around 1617 and that story is one of the biggest reasons why I was told by a very reliable source.

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