Everybody Acts a Little Weird Sometimes Around Here

Since I’ve been in King County, Washington for over three years, this time, with plenty of other previous visits over the years I wanted to say something about how the County came to be and let me give you a brief summary of what they say here about it. Back in 1828 the Deputy Marshals in New York City got into a fight and left and went to North Dakota and began the State Police and then down to New Mexico and started the Sheriffs Association and then over to California and on up to Seattle, Washington where they built the King County Courthouse and placed a sign outside the door that says the People of Texas did it and the last time I checked the sign is no longer there. I did some research and the King County Administration Headquarters is just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. So there we have it, in essence, the King County Sheriff is from Atlanta, Georgia. The History Books state that at about the time of the American Revolution of 1776 – 1789, County Philadelphia packed up and went to Atlanta, Georgia stopping in Washington, DC briefly to celebrate the new Capitol’s Grand Opening Party. The History Books also say that the Marshal College is in Philadelphia and was managed by the Sheriff’s Department making the Marshal the best darn educated Sheriff ever to more then a few Deputy Marshals, Sheriffs and Sheriff Deputies including the Military. This implies that Philadelphia is the true authority of the Federal Government and that because the Pennsylvania Railroad is also the United States Railroad and that the United States Army owns that interest they operate not only the Mint but the Transit company bringing about the idea they are Engineers aboard the Money Train and since Texas is where the first Corporation for Government began it isn’t hard to understand that the Money Train leaves Philadelphia and goes to the Monet Factory there in Texas on a regular schedule to keep up good relations with their long standing friends that have been an integral part of United States Government from the very beginning even if that Corporation for Government had its sights set on claiming Texas for Mexico and the Texans claim they didn’t get much help, right away, in fending the Mexicans off telling them otherwise and are very controlling about the money supply after having been given the authority to pay all Civil Servants.

I understand that back in the beginning Congress authorized the Deputies from Connecticut, typically thought to be the Coast Guard, to Command the Federal Government by order of the Marshal who is the Chief and the Deputies from Virginia, typically thought to be the National Guard, were hostile to the idea and that came into focus during the Civil War which proved nothing about who is a better leader and that it only proved that they should work together. But it did prove that the Coast Guard are Police wherever there is Water and the National Guard are Police wherever there is Treasure which sounds good enough to me to call a fair deal.

My birth certificate says that I’m from County Philadelphia and I graduated the Marshal College but because of some life threatening injuries when I was about twenty and as soon as I completed the mandatory twelve years as Magistrate, Magistrate – Judge at twenty eight I suddenly became a very rich homeless person that depends on all them deputies to get any money from the bank.

I have been thinking about the fact that the State Attorneys and the Marshals pay is controlled by the Federal Attorney Generals Office and I understand that the Federal Attorney General is thought to be from New York but that he is the President of the University of Virginia and owns the White House which is the United States Treasury Bank Headquarters and that the President leads from the office of the Marshal but is not required to have an education to do so which is really confusing because the Marshal has to have a Doctorate of Philosophy which means about twenty five years of schooling and the Secret Service is often overheard telling them its too dangerous for the Marshal to enter the White House. The Secret Service are Sheriffs and considered spies in foreign countries, I just thought I should mention that so there’s no confusion about my Integrity in writing this letter. The Marshal manages the Courthouse but the Secret Service says they are behind in their County Taxes so they have taken over and just so there’s no confusion about my memory I remember that the Marshal is still a Sheriff.

So, what’s up with that noise?

Virginia has always been called the land of the Lawyer and the South the Military and I’m pretty sure they hired one of their own to be the Federal Attorney General but like I said it could be a New Yorker so what I’m getting at is the Federal Attorney General really a King County Sheriff who secretly longs to be the Sheriff of Knottingham as described in that 14th Century Novel about Robin Hood and his Merrimen because County Philadelphia used to be called County Knottingham like County Knottingham in Ireland before the King took it over and annexed it calling it Belfast, United Kingdom? Did I tell you that King County Headquarters is in Texas and that Texas took over and annexed Mexico and basically still manages it? Some interesting things to think about I think. So am I really Robin Hood I’m starting to wonder because I have been on the streets and sleeping on the sidewalk every night for over five years and I’m a little worried about every one’s sanity.

Let me start again.

How are you doing?

I know that getting famous is worth a lot but that it’s a gift and that the Federal Government is a lot like that because it was started by people who’s heart was in the right place but that they were a lot like dreamers acting out their ideas on stage so I don’t plan to try and take by force what’s been promised to me for all of my hard work but I am getting sick and tired of getting surprised and having to contend with people not interested that in all and then having no place for me to retreat to but I am grateful praying to the Holy Spirit comes easily so I guess that when the times right I’ll get what’s mine and well having been asked to do all that government work is just something that happened and some people never have to do any government work at all so I should just try to rest assured that we both know I didn’t chicken out.

One thought on “Everybody Acts a Little Weird Sometimes Around Here

  1. Just so you know that I know King County did come back to say sorry to New York for leaving so abruptly way back in 1828 when New York decided to hire the Virginia Sheriffs Department instead of Pennsylvania to be the NYC Police and that as a Pennsylvanian I understand and recommend that all Pennsylvanians stay cool cause we both know that Pennsylvania began Colorado and California even if New York, Texas and Washington have trouble understanding that piece of History and would rather Maryland was the Transit Police instead of New Jersey because we are trying to Love everyone as best we can under the circumstances. Thank you for understanding that I understand it’s not easy to be the Marshal w/o Property from his first day on the job and has only had it on special occasions kind of like his money.


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