In My Opinion: Philadelphia

The United States of America began in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 17, 1789 after the United States Constitution was Ratified by Congress and then signed into Law. Philadelphia was chosen as the birthplace of a new country of many cultures and traditions because it had an active shipping port where people spoke English and Christianity flourished while proprietary laws favored the rights of homeowners to protect themselves as the law. After the United States Constitution was signed into Law by Congress and the President it was revealed that Philadelphia had discovered Electricity and the community around Independence Hall was electrified to know that electricity was at every corner lamp post and in every home because of the discoveries of Benjamin Franklin, a New Yorker, who as a child had been accused of crime, escaped to Massachusetts and was brought to a Philadelphia Workhouse to serve the government. Benjamin Franklin went on to make many discoveries including the usage of a stamp on a letter as way of paying the wages of the letter carrier before hand and then became the first Post Master General of the United States of America. He made a great printing press and a newspaper and then convinced the Congress that a stamp could be placed on a promissory note and call it a bill which later changed to cash and claim the goods and services needed from the government for a change, realistically, by simply presenting it anywhere it was accepted for payment which was at many of the Merchants in Philadelphia since the North American Insurance Company insured the Navy Ships made there and were also the guarantors of the new currency system, producing a very strong economy, that permitted a Coast Guard to work side by side with the National Guard in many of the establishments in Philadelphia until they were needed to go about the city and confirm that the new currency was authentic. There were two notable Virginians that kept up a relationship after the War, Thomas Jefferson who wrote the Declaration of Independence near Independence Hall before the Revolutionary War and later on became the first Secretary of State but had to quit after a year because of the stress of having left his Monticello Estate so he returned to Virginia to live there and continue on with his dream at the University but did make a comeback in Politics a few years later but in Washington, DC to become the 3rd United States President and the other Virginian to stay in Philadelphia after the Revolutionary War was George Washington who became the first United States President who also began making many important decisions and discoveries about the consequences waging war in support of the legal system and who many consider as having been successful at bringing about the United States Courts as many of those that fought with him in that cause of war died homeless and broken in and around the parks of Philadelphia which were well maintained by paid servants.

The City of Philadelphia

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