The Unofficial Record

The American Revolutionary War with the British to establish “Home Rule” and a Court System managed by United States Citizens began on July 4th, 1776 when a Virginian named Thomas Jefferson penned the “Declaration of Independence” and after condemning the actions of the British Soldiers at Bunker Hill in Boston, Massachusetts left Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and returned to Albemarle County Charlottesville, Virginia to take up the cause of establishing Federal leadership amidst the Confederate Army that had formed in the South and had begun marching north to New York to hold a Convention and begin the United States Supreme Court in a stable and then a Bank and then with a Congress the Judiciary Act in Philadelphia in 1789 where the United States Government would reside until 1800 when Washington, DC which had been the former Estate of a British Aristocrat named Lord Berkley that had flourished along the Atlantic Coast of Maryland and Virginia before the Federal Government would claim the land and officially open for business as the Central Government, where the Laws of the United States would be made and the People of the United States of America would establish themselves in the Arts and provide Welfare to everyone less fortunate so that they might learn valuable life lessons and go out into the country and do likewise for everyone interested in living in the land of the free and home of the brave encouraged to embrace life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and if they should obtain property to feel safe and think it wise to leave it in the care of those that share the same goals.

I’m from Philadelphia as far as I know and we were taught that the National Guard were the first Militia to take up position in Philadelphia and it was in a Fort along the Delaware River in anticipation of an attack by the British Army before the American Revolution as Philadelphia was the most successful Shipping Port anywhere and there was a great need to protect that interest. After the Revolutionary War and life was returning to normal we were taught that Massachusetts was permitted to open a Fire Station in Old City in 1812 and that after a fight broke out in 1828 on the street outside the Ritz-Carlton Hotel the National Guard who had served as Maid Servants and Man Servants stepped out to end it gave rise to the first Organized Police Department after a partnership with the very first Police Station near Camden, New Jersey that would later go on to form the Transit Police Union Hall in Frankford, Philadelphia and after the Pennsylvania Railroad became the United States Railroad at about the time that it was decided that brand new tracks would be laid in Virginia and that they would extend all the way to California as the Transcontinental Railroad our ancestors now began to understand exactly what the Federal Government does with the Confederate Army and the term Continental Army was more understandable and it became readily acceptable to call the National Guard the United States Army as they became the authors of much of the Civil Law and as the Navy made strong arguments against these actions and many of the Navy’s leaders and Ship Owners known as the United States Government Police exited the basement of the United States Capitol Building in Washington DC to take up positions as Justice after the United States Supreme Court Building was completed they were assassinated by forgers from the Midwest beginning the fight for control over the Central Government and at the conclusion of the United States Civil War the new Federal Policy seemed to be on of limiting the power of the Courts until in 1948 it was decided that there would be no more new U.S. Appeals Courts built and that anyone suspected of terrorism would be subject to internment in a foreign detainment camp outside of the country if need be giving rise to the possibility that Slavery may be preferred by much of the government and that it might possibly have managed to become legal in large measure after all the years of trying to keep it outlawed as needless poverty in the community.

Why might there have been a decision to end the U.S. Appeals Courts?

Under current legislation the Federal Attorney General manages the finances of the State Attorneys and the United States Marshal and both the State Attorneys and United States Marshals Government Organizations are of Navy Origin that began in Pennsylvania long before the Federal Government marched north through Pennsylvania and New York towards the Canadian Border to repel the British Forces at the Hudson Bay Company still loyal to the Courts in England and then back south to Philadelphia and then onto Lord Berkley’s Estate on the Maryland and Virginia Border and claimed it in the interest of the United States.

Lord Berkeley left the United States and sailed back to England and then sailed from England back to the United States on the other side of the country to California and built a new Estate which is now a University and as I had mentioned the Transcontinental Railroad extends from Virginia, very near Washington, DC all the way to California.

Back when the United States became a Country the State of Maryland sued the United States Government Treasury and officially became the United States Treasury Police, six months before the United States Marshal became the Federal Chief, so has Maryland decided that United States Marshals and the State Attorneys from Pennsylvania are the enemy of the Central Banking System so their pay for their participation in Government has been limited and at their discretion, that would certainly explain why there is no Federal Funding of the United States Railroad Police and it’s Safe Operation and payroll is a matter of Public Funding by the Citizens of New York for the most part and their idea that every City should have a City Hall complete with a New Yorker as Mayor and United States Marshals and State Attorneys as the Guardians of Democracy in the Republic while everyone else in the government watches the door and patrols the streets around City Hall.

The first Corporation in the United States was along the Texas/Mexico Border and they a were a Federal Partner of the United States Government and partnership led to the town of El Paso, Texas and the United States Customs House, there.

A lot of Historians say New York is the Headquarters of the Coast Guard and Virginia is the Headquarters of the National Guard and together they are the Federal Government, but are they really? Both the Coast Guard and National Guard are lawyers for the Government and it’s no secret Pennsylvania and New Jersey refuse to believe it’s true because a lot of the time they make claims against them and since Pennsylvania has the most fertile soil because their farmers are the best and New Jersey has the best manufacturing because their mechanics are topps it seems like the Federal Government is constantly trying to pass laws and give money to those that have the time to watch their back all day long while they are in town enjoying themselves and that give’s slavery a better place in government then the work the farmer or the manufacturer does and that means to most everyone that the government is just a lot of bad words directed at hard working people that have better things to do then argue with them about it. I’m a farmer and a manufacturer and I’m government but because of a disability and a lot of bad words directed at me I’m on the streets very poor even though I have millions of dollars insured and in the banks near where I live that seem to pass so quickly through my hands that I’m sure that I never even had a chance to feel what it’s like to have made so much money in farming and manufacturing and at the theater singing and dancing about it that I think they expect me to say it never happened and that I should start dating especially if I need a place to live and want someone to help take care of me and to be honest the only people that walk around at night seem to be people that have a lot on their mind but don’t really want to talk about it very much.




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