Seattle Story Tellers

My earliest memory of Seattle, known as the Emerald City, is when I was about four years old and I was in the Kennedy Household and John F. Kennedy, Jr. let me wear the grey wool suit that he wore to his dad’s funeral, the late United States President John F. Kennedy and I had a lot of people taking my picture. I wasn’t any stranger to picture taking because my mom and dad entered me into all kinds of beauty contests back in Philadelphia, New York, Washington, D.C. and a few more world class cities. When I was six years old, believe it or not I became a lifetime SAG-AFTRA Member and that’s an Actor/Lawyer on behalf of the Government and then after getting a lot of work in Showbiz and getting famous by the time I turned twelve years old I was asked to loan the money to Seattle Municipal Hall because they were poor and there were a lot of people that really didn’t want to offer much debt forgiveness to the poor thinking they have too much trouble understanding that people work hard for their money and don’t want to feel like they’re just giving it away so it was kind of a renaissance of charity. At about the time I turned fourteen I got a really cool computer company that I’m pretty sure without saying very much I would just let them handle the profits and I also got a scholarship to the University of the Air-Force and four years later I graduated.

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