The Economy and the Psychlogy of Pressure

I think about a lot of things every day and today they seem to have asked me to place them on the people with those views and opinions that seem to strongly suggest that everyone is to concede and stop to look at them before resuming their work thinking about them as they get sleepy and want to retire to some place comfortable much better for it and then to not have to think about how taxes affect everyone because that’s their job.

So let me begin by pointing out that the United States President makes decisions that are meant benefit everyone.

The President is a strong advocate for everyone and the dreams they have of financial independence as the reality and meaning of what it means to be a United States Citizen and an American by talking candidly, hopefully and enthusiastically about those values.

A United States Citizen is anyone born in the U.S. and anyone else that the Immigration and Naturalisation Service decides is worth it.

The United States has always been a place where anyone can find what they need if they can wait long enough and America has always been the place where waiting is a big part of life and the thing that we have in common and that’s the pay.

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