In The End Will It Matter

All of us make choices everyday about what we want from life. We wake up and decide what we’ll do today. Some of us hardly put much thought into it because we’re programmed to do what needs to be done to see another day, but some of us put a lot of thought into it and I think that can lead to problems. I don’t think we have much of a choice in that though either. Sometimes, life wants us to know that death is always nearby and that we should be thankful for something, but what? Should we be thankful for life? Should we be thankful for death? I think we need to be thankful for what ever makes us happy. Does everything make us happy. Do we sometimes resemble a dog laying down on its back getting its tummy rubbed? I think we do. Sometimes, we have to be thankful for the small stuff. Are we always thankful for the big stuff? If there was a fifty foot monster looking for something to eat that accidentally stepped on five people having coffee and donuts at an outdoor café do you think anyone would really be happy? Would the monster be happy? Yes, maybe the monster eats people and instead of having escargot the monster has to have pancakes. What are you like if you want something and you get something almost the same but not quite? Are you fun to be around? So please think about your attitude before you say something crazy.

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