Magic Over All Else


I don’t really believe that if I give away my childhood and act like an adult that everything will be better for me. I can’t let go of that feeling that something magnificent is going to happen and that I should just wait and see. I like to think that there’s something I can say and do that will bring good fortune my way. Some people call it praying. I like to sing and dance and tell the world how much I would love to have something that I can have always.

Once, I saw a beautiful Princess with long golden brown hair, sparkling blue-green eyes, high cheek bones and a slender body standing on a mountain crying as if no one wanted her and I went after her and I climbed that mountain as fast as I could but when I had gotten there she wasn’t gone so I sat down and cried.

After awhile a little child with wings appeared and told me not to worry. I had never seen a child like that before so I jumped up in surprise and over the cliff I had went. As I was falling the little winged child caught me and lowered me safely to the ground. The Princess was there and she seemed very surprised to see me. I asked her why and she said that she had been crying because she had seen me from the mountain before I had gone after her and when I did she didn’t know what had happened and she fainted fell off the cliff and the winged child had rescued her too.

I just made up that story but I think that it explains what I am talking about very well.

Magic is a way of thinking about what is possible when everything seems impossible.

Let me go on with my Princess story.

After getting to know one another better the Princess and I walked around for awhile at the bottom of the mountain until we heard a loud noise and then several monstrous looking people with messy long hair and warts all over wearing dirty clothes and calling themselves Uglies jumped out from the bushes and grabbed a hold of us and took us to a dark and slimey looking castle putting us in jail cells in the dungeon below the castle and seperating us for a long time.

I thought about what I should do as I stood in the jail cell afraid and alone and when one of them came back to question me I gave him and answer that seemed to put him asleep and I ran off to go in search of the Princess and I found her not long afterwards and I was able to free her from the jail cell they put her in and we escaped from theat mysterious castle and hid in the woods nearby.

As we hid behind a great big fallen tree some talking animals came up to us and told us where there was a stream with clean water so that we have a drink and not be thirsty anymore. One of the talking animals was a goat and one was a rabbit and one was a wild boar and they all seemed to know each other well and might of have even been good friends for a very long time. So the Princess and I went to the stream and began drinking some of the water and it tasted very good.

Night began to fall over the land and we became very tired and fell asleep in one anothers arms.

In the middle of the night the Uglies were making their way through the woods waking everyone up looking for us and the little winged child appeared to the Princess and I again and told us not to worry and when the Uglies arrived we faced them and they went away.

I hope you liked my story.


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