Getting Creative

I probably spend a lot of time, money and energy telling everyone what I think about everything in this world and somethings from outer space. I like to write and it’s practice. Am I wrong?
Right now, I’m thinking about saying something clever but I’m at a loss for words.
Seems impossible doesn’t it?
I have been at this for a long time.
I guess you’re probably wondering why I’m still trying to impress you with word magic.
I don’t know!
I just think a lot about how we can all get along with one another better and words are all that come to mind and I just wanted you to know that before I go on telling you all about it.
Today is the beginning of the next day following my past victories and defeats in a very lengthy course of leading and following everyone around and wanting to explain how it’s going from an insiders perspective.
Inside your head.
After all I seem to think anyone that says anything interesting to me has done it to get something off their mind and onto mine.
I’m working on keeping it clean.
I just wanted someplace to go where someone could understand my thoughts.
Someone that might feel the same way about all of the words that give us the power to say and do whatever we want and need to do to satisfy the desire that gives us the power to express ourselves the way we do.
I apologize if for being intrusive. Please, talk to someone about it before doing anything else. Thank you.

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