Electro – Magnetism Rules

I’ve been using electricity my whole life and working with it for almost as long. I have this strange attraction to it. It’s not a sexual attraction but it’s magnetic. Sinful. I know so much about how to draw electricity into a container for storage and then use it like a battery. I know how to make iron serve that attraction and make it hot enough to turn a wheel and that means I know how to make a reasonable Sea, Air, Land vehicle that will take me places. If i filled a five gallon plastic bucket with wet beach sand from the ocean, added chlorine bleach, put a lid on it and then drove long metal spikes into it and attached big wire wrapped halfway around a square ringlet and wrapped small wire around the other half and attached them to coffee maker remembering to attach a rheostat (fan control) and an on/off switch I might be able to brew a pot of coffee and spend more time thinking about that spaceship I want to make so we can go on a journey through the Galaxy and Universe dreaming about everything.

Let’s go!

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