Growing Up Seattle

Life in my apartment when I was small was a big thing for me. I entertained many people part of the week and got lost in my music the rest of the time. Robert Plant and the rest of the members of Led Zeppelin would stop by along with the Band members of the Bee Gees and some of the time I went about with the Grateful Dead and a whole lot of other people in the Hit Parade of Classic Rock. I bought an stake in many magazines and set my mind to photographs and memories like my here Jim Croce sings about in his classic folk guitar sonata’s of the seventies generation in rural Pennsylvania. I think we may have sat out in the back yard and played a few licks on guitars once or twice. I sometimes worked at the Radio Station trying to think up Soft Rock Songs while quietly saying I love you as the day began. I like the drums. And the symbols. And the hot dogs, coca colas, balloons, fireworks, hot rods and soft comfortable beds that help me to sleep better.

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