Congress, the Banks and the Courts

I’m really going through something.

I grew up in the orphanage and being moved from foster home to foster home until was old enough to get a place of my own having been told that when I was old enough I would my pay from all my hard work at earning a PhD and well I’m not without compassion it’s just that I know everything already paid for by the community and that if someone isn’t getting paid then it’s the Texas Comptrollers fault, last I hear a couple of years ago and that means that for some reason that isn’t so obvious to me my pay for being a United States marshal is being held back or somebody’s stealing it or there’s some unexplained mystery that has yet to be solved.

It’s been 25 years and I’ve hardly been away from the US Appeals Court and Federal (US Treasury Bank) Reserve in those 13 Jurisdictions or any of the remainder of the Federal (US Treasury Bank) Reserve Districts or any of the 6 US Mints.

Maybe there’s another reason?

All I know is I’m 44 years old and I’m pretty sure I’m not married and I have some real estate being managed by the Commerce Department but I can’t seem to find the ones that’s managing my account and the rest of them seem to play dumb when the laws state that any of the bankers can service the account as long as I’m the one they’re giving the money too.

I do get the minimum according to the contract but it isn’t enough to get a place to shit, shower and sleep in privacy.



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