I Want To Make Another Jet Airplane

I get so tired sometimes that I wish I was back at the factory trying to figure out how to build a flying machine.

I like to fly.

All I need are the right parts and I could build a flying machine.

It probably wouldn’t take me long to build a flying machine.

I helped build a flying machine in Seattle back in 1989, I think it was, while I was at the Academy and we made it look like a silver jelly doughnut, you know, the ones without the holes in the middle. I think me and a China man flew it. It could fly and it could go under water, too. It had crushed red velvet carpeting inside. It was cool. We built it out of spare parts over at Boeing and since I was starring in a lot of Rock – POP Music Bands and Acting in Hollywood and New York City and making a name for myself while I was getting close to the point of no return from exhaustion we thought it might be the best way to say we weren’t done yet as we talked about putting it all in a Social Security Beneficiaries Account soo there you have it I’m the Benefactor and it seems like every Lawyer Attorney, Judge and criminally minded person around wants to find a way to get a piece of it especially by following me around and making trouble for me.



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