Jet Air Plane Engines

I have been thinking about making a Jet Air Plane that can travel the Universe. I have been looking over the different types of engines that have already been built and I like them.

I know that I’m going to need a fan propeller to draw in the air and a turbine to condense the air and produce the hot air that will move the Jet Air Plane at a high rate speed.

The basic idea is simple, draw the air in at the end that faces the direction of travel and then force it into a smaller area making it hot but can it be done on a poor man’s budget.

I think it can.

I’ll need an oxy – acetylene mc welder and some metal.

An electric fan will with enough horsepower won’t be that hard to find and one with just a few horsepower probably would work just fine.

I was thinking that the frame should be diamond shaped and mountung the engine on the short stubby end would be best.

I was thinking that twelve feet in diameter and forty one feet in length should be about right and with six foot wings on all four sides I should be able to go anywhere except back to earth.

Well, I might forget something, so I better just put six foot wings on opposite sides and a six foot wing on top.

I’ll put landing gear on the bottom just in case.

I was thinking that two Jet Engines would be enoughto get me where I want to go and I like the inboard/outboard method the Navy uses on seafaring vessels offering a way to go in reverse.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.



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