A lot of the Time, Walking

“She’s very beautiful!” Raymond said outloud when his wife asked who the other woman was to him. His wife, Emelia, started to cry but she kept up the assault and started to batter Raymond with a ten-inch skillet she had realized he smelled like her again, he barely survived the first strike long enough to make a run for it. Emelia chased Raymond around the kitchen table and out into the Dining Room knocking over one of the chairs that came with the set she stopped and screamed, “You broke our Wedding Chair” and when he stopped to pick it up she hit him again and he got so dizzy he fell on top of the chair barely able to keep his eyes open but managing to grab her long enough to take the skillet from her and throw it into the other room as he held her begging her forgiveness as he told her to stop. She started slapping him across the face and when she realized he was hurt badly she started to cry even more and he passed out.

A few weeks later Raymond regained full consciousness alone in their apartment downtown and Emelia was gone. He looked around and nothing seemed to be damaged. There was a note on the table from Emelia saying that she went to stay with her sister in the suburbs. Raymond looked for the family phone book but it was gone and so was Emelia’s Jewelry Box but her Wedding Ring was on the table with a note that said, “Sorry, deals off.” He rubbed his head with his free hand and realized there was only a small bump there. he set the note on the table and picked up the phone and called his brother to tell him about it.

Raymond turned on the television and there was a story on the News about a helicopter crash that happened a long time ago and he thought about it for a moment and then remembered he had been the pilot and that’s when he saw his face on the News and heard the Anchor person say he had just recently died and his body was found floating face down in the River near the banks just below the bridge at the end of their street.

Raymond called the Television Station but they told him that he would have to go there if he wanted to clear it up right away.

Raymond opened the front door and found the day’s newspaper amongst the several that had been there and there was the same story in Headlines on the Front Page and he called the Newspaper and they told him the same thing the Television Station had told him.

Raymond took a quick shower and went to both the Television Station and the Newspaper and showed them Identification and they said they would straighten out the mix-up and he went to Emelia’s sister’s house and realized something bad had happened because the door looked as though it had been kicked in and then pulled back shut. Raymond started to worry and then he heard the Television inside and went in and there on the floor they were dead, the News was retracting the story of his death. Raymond called the new woman in his life and she told him it was over and then hung up on him. Raymond called the Police and told them about Emelia and her sister and then waited for them to arrive.

Ten years passed and Raymond had grown old and pale the killer of Emelia and her sister remained free as far as he knew and as he sat on the sofa and watched the News on Television the story about the Helicopter crash and his death was played again and then Raymond fell asleep and died having been too tired to go through the process of telling everyone that he was still alive.


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