Mt. Olympia and the Homeland Security Agency

I think that the newest Executive Department of Government (2002) was born of the ashes (fallout) of that Volcanic eruption (explosion) that took place inside that mountain (Nuclear Bomb) in the State of Washington, USA during the 1980’s because a voice on the wind (probably ghosts) tells me that the people in that part of the world (Mutants) were looking for a way to create something that usually happens naturally (reproduction) and a never ending supply of nuclear energy (slaves) to meet the needs of the community, but I read a lot of comics and I’m basically poor and in search of material to put into a storybook that sells. I guess what I’m really saying is that as a result of the many inventions that were discovered during the 20th Century like the plane, bombs, mass transit systems, space travel that a lot of people have been trying to find a way to meet the energy needs of everyone in an inexpensive way. I guess with all of the crime that takes pl;ace everywhere and the community putting out the criminals with little to nothing they are always trying to find a way to get back in and have a place to stay for a good long while complete with food, drink, clean clothes and a comfortable and dry place to rest whenever they need to and are constantly trying to find ways of accomplishing just that and well the truth is many of them have and a lot of good people that are very hard working are homeless and broke and in need of help from the legal system and some people decided to help.

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