Washington, DC and the Federal Government

Our Nation’s Capitol, Washington, DC, the United States of America, opened for Business in 1800, but had existed in Philadelphia, as State Representatives signed the United States Constitution at Constitution Hall, at Independence Hall, in Olde City, which, coincidentally was the centerpiece of the very first neighborhood to have electricity in their homes and business on September 12, 1787. In 1800, our Nation, the United States of America, had increased to 16 States. The original 12 claiming to be the benefactor’s of any State that had incorporated with any existing State after 1787 in present times but this is hotly contested by the 4 additional States that signed on in 1800. When we think of Federal Power we must remember that it was agreed that Connecticut would be the origin and source of the Executives that would manage the United States Government but after this had been signed into law, Virginia disagreed and promised a change and practically succeeded at the end of the American Civil War of 1861 – 1865. Executive Government are the most thoughtful of the powerful persons that seem to have the best policy for providing work and rest to all of the people. As the country has grown to 50 States all of the people have tried to keep to the understanding that if it’s a manufacturing issue it originates in the North back East and if it’s an Agriculture Issue it originates in the South back East and that the Executive Government has always migrated from East to West and back again usually with each popular Election cycle in local governments across the map. One era that is very interesting to me is that I read somewhere that after World War 2 it was decided that the Circuit Appeals Court was complete and that any future rebellion against Washington, DC by any of the people could result in those persons being put in exile in foreign countries and this was set in motion by the Organizations that came to power in the 1940’s Hawaii, Alaska, Israel, the Secret Service Police, the CIA and the Air Force. I think that with the Department of Homeland Security there is an attempt being made to be more thorough in trying to figure out who the trouble makers really are so that innocent people are not exiled in the round up of the rebels. Maybe, we’ll get it right one day, huh?


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