On The Scene

I have been on the streets since July 3, 2013 with only 14 days, I think, of indoor living and I feel fine most of the time, I’m a little forgetful, I smell bad sometimes, I can get real mean when challenged but other then that I still have the desire for good conversation, would love a hug and a kiss from a good woman, some extra spending money and to get through a night sleeping wherever it is I can without getting bothered by anyone, I’m dreaming right? It’s the nightmares that are a real S.O.B. I’m a Minister if you haven’t guessed by the way I express myself. The church has made it’s decision I’m the best man for this job. I can’t argue with that now can I? Want to talk about it? Come on let’s go over here is what I should tell anyone that say’s I should get a life and give up on all this bullshit and who do you think you are, nice try, but you’re still trailing me, I know just like you like it there Sherlock or is it Doctor Watson?img_20160920_123857

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