Washington´s Western District

King County, Seattle, Washington, USA is a different place than I remember it a long time ago. My birth certificate says Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA and well my parents said that I was adopted and I think they meant by New York and left to them to try and raise to be a good man, I don´t know if they succeeded. I feel like I spent a lot of time working and studying while trying to stay out of trouble and I´m an Ordained Minister of Church and State and have nothing but my memories to prove it and maybe some people that know for sure but I do get paid about a Grand a month and well I may never be able to marry or own a house or car and since I´m not gay I´ll probably end up killing some homosexual strung out alcoholic and junkie or getting killed by someone that thinks that´s who I am but I can rest assured that no one I know will probably ever care enough to ask me too many questions about it. Oh well! Huh, I tried and well, I probably failed, my loss. img_20160920_123857

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