I’m a U.S. Marshal Police Officer that hasn’t been paid properly and in 1991 I was a United States Magistrate with a PhD working in King County, Kirkland, Washington, USA with Law Enforcement Power and I was struck from behind by a man with a hammer and the crowd that watched it happen said it was because they didn’t want a heterosexual as their business manager I just gave them all 3 million dollars of my own money and the Federal Government came and said they’re going to manage the rest $500,000,000 until I fell better and then I went back to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. and they made me a Marshal and in 1994 Philadelphia City Hall told me they’re robbing me of my paycheck, the average U.S. Marshal Police Officer Paycheck is about $99,000 a year and that id I didn’t like it they’d kill me and from 2004 – 2006 I was overdosed on Psychotropic Medication and Framed for Robbery and did hard time in the State Pen where I was sexually mutilated by way of a cigarette burn to my penis beneath two surveillance cameras cross haired on my bunk (interesting message huh snipers a little Lee Harvey Oswald – Jack Ruby Scenario from the big shots). I’ve been homeless for 13 years so saying Aunt Debbie Doyle Brace Grisafi and Uncle Joe Brace having been to the G-8 Economic Summit in England with George H.W. Bush and telling me it was in South Carolina (Commie Central because they was the 10th U.S.J.D. until they tried to abolish the court during the Civil War and it moved to Colorado which coincidentally is where I became a US magistrate in 1988 and a United States Marshal Police Officer under the George H.W. Bush Administration at the White House across the street from the Doyle Collection of Hotels) was a premeditated plan if they was all to strike pay dirt and well I survived. Crazy, huh, do you still think I don’t know how to be a detective?

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