Baby Steps to Sprinting

I can not say whether or not I feel like a dad or not because I do not really know if I am a dad or not. I have, because I was an orphan, say my Guardians, yet, they are the people on the Birth Certificate listed as my parents, always thought, what it would be like, if I was not an orphan. The whole idea of being an orphan but living with my birth parents is probably very much a National Federalist from Philadelphia hard of hearing in one ear, my dad, idea of a dream come true for one his children and was probably thought up by the ancestors of my parents, family and friends, so that one day if they had children and are into slavery someone in the family would be able to summarize that existence just the way they want it, with a price tag on it, if it is all the same, please, forgive me and help me if you can, I am an orphan telling you the story of my life because I am a United States Marshal Police Officer without Property on Social Security Medicare because of a Diagnosis by a Psychiatrist in Charlottesville, Virginia of Schizophrenia but expected to recover which seems to me the Justice Department Clinic is just telling me that if I do not turn to homosexuality in times of need then I can just live like a poor bum and that I am not allowed to get Married or own Real Property which is anything I might need a Title or Deed to be in possession of when it comes right down to a Court Proceeding, you know a fight with a thief, because they enjoy homosexuality on a regular basis and they feel hurt that I am not like them, a weakling, when it comes to sex and loyalty to their own commitments and to another person of the opposite

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