The Same Day After Day

When I was 12 years old and the Executives from Enterprise Business Solutions and the people from the Radio and Television Stations came to me on the Streets of Seattle to tell me that I was an Architect and that I needed to sign Trust Fund Papers because I was already a millionaire I thought that it would be like they said and that I was going to have what I needed in the way of food, clothing and shelter and yeah well I got that I guess when I find something laying around that no one wants.

When I was 16 years old and at the Denver City and County Detention Center and they gave me enough Civil Service Exams to qualify me to be a Physician/Psychiatrist/Professor/Magistrate I was amazed.

When I was 19 years old and at a Kirkland, Washington King County Metro Park N Ride talking with a group of men I was working with through a USO Charity Organization because I am also a Music Teacher that had made a lot of money in Movies and Music that I had just purchased over a million dollars in Musical Equipment and paid about 2 million dollars so they could put on a show at the Los Angeles Palladium, an outdoor stage and theater, told it was my graduation present and that I wasn´t just an Architect anymore and that I was now an Architect, Medical Doctor and a Court Lawyer and one of them ambushed me from behind with a hammer that Saturday morning and struck me so hard I began bleeding from everywhere in my face and one of the others told me it was because they didn´t want a manager that wasn´t a homosexual I thought what a pity.

Right before I turned 20 years old I was in Philly and my cousin said I should join the US Army on the Buddy Plan and we would serve together I thought it was a great idea.

I was never issued Courthouse Identification in the proper way and they know it and have had control of the primary variables associated with letting someone hold a gun so that it looks like they were doing their job in front of people that could have done something about it and well if those people don´t want to do anything about it because they are to scared then I will, the First Amendment to the Constitution protects my right to say what they did was wrong and to try and be a gentleman about it.

When I was 31 years old, after having suffered several near fatal run ins with armed assailants I went outside one night because I thought the people that had done it followed me from Philly to my mom´s place in Aurora, Colorado I went outside with two butcher knives and waited by a tree and then hid them and decided to cross the street and go to the store, it was about 9:00 PM and after cussing out a motorist that refused to yield to a pedestrian in the roadway I was arrested by a Police Officer and told that it was because I was chasing moving vehicles with knives, I was given a medication and told it was a sedative but it was a stimulant and I nearly died in the middle of the night.

A year later, I  walked to the hospital in Charlottesville, Virginia, myself, with complaints of Headaches, Stomach Aches and Nightmares, I was given a pill that caused me to go unconscious for 5 days and when I woke up I was given a medication that cause almost complete paralysis in under two weeks and I played on the ground across the street from the Fire Department and Salvation Army for 3 days with no help from anyone except that some passerby told me about some clinic around the corner.

Almost a couple of years after that I had a Pulmonary Embolism (a side effect of the medication) which is a saddle clot or a complete obstruction of blood flow between heart and lungs and after answering the door one morning I invited the person in and as I turned to go into the kitchen I passed out and when I woke up 4 National Guardsman were there two standing and two kneeling and after I regained enough strength on my own I told them to help me up because I didn´t want to die on the floor, my house guest heard and came running in and helped me while they got physical and tried to stop him and then they took me away and four months later I was charged with Robbery after having been led down a dark alley beside a newspaper where was beat up. I spent 3 years and 7 months in Prison and nearly 3 years in a Halfway House on University Avenue (Main Street) getting harassed and having my things stolen off of me I was even slashed by someone I thought was my friend but turned out just to be another slasher.

I´m homeless now and I receive Social Security Welfare but I have no place and if the State gets its way I never will have a place nor will I ever be married.

I believe I may be getting followed now by people at the Sheriffs Office Police and Fire Department that are pimps and drug dealers, junkies and whores to the willing and they have lost the ability to reason and understand that the government is not allowed to force anyone to have sex with them for any reason.

Maybe, I have just been a straight, Firefighter, Police Officer and Sheriff for way to long and I have just been around to many criminals that I need a vacation.

I get no sympathy that I know of.

I have to spend another night outside.

I may kill someone in the effort to defend myself from these people.

I do not want to be the victim of a rapist.

I would rather be the survivor of a dead faggot wherever that ends up

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