Growing Up Seattle

I remember so many great aspects about my life here in the Northwest. I went from a homeless little kid on the streets to Rock and Roll Fame and Hollywood Stardom. I traveled the world and Seattle seemed to always be on the itinerary. My birth certificate says Philly but I wonder about that all the time. I signed the multi-million dollar deal at Union Lake that launched Gun’s N Roses in 1990 and paid for the show at the Hollywood Palladium. I graduated from the University of Washington a Philosopher in 1988 and I served the people of King County on the Police, Firefighter and Sheriff´s Department as a teenage Law Enforcement Officer, of legal age of course. In 1991, I nearly died from a hammer wielding assailant that I caused to surrender the weapon at the scene while I went blind deaf and mute at Kings Gate Park and Ride and I paid several hundred mill on dollars because the show must go on as I told them when they asked me if I wanted to quit now. I parachuted into the Persian Gulf War and faked them out when I surrendered to a P.O.W. Camp in Saudi Arabia, I think it was and then the Navy Coast Guard brought my guns to arrest the Commandant. I taught pop sensation ¨Beyonce¨ and her Dancers some moves down by the Seattle Aquarium. I could go on and on but I just wanted to say thank you for your time and I love you,   

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