I was just thinking about the past again

I´m a paid ordained Minister and my job is stay out of trouble as best I can. I remember traveling the world with the Police Department as a child and we went everywhere. I was an accomplished young Actor and Musician and I was made to lead by the obvious mercies passed on the each of us by our parents, grand parents and many generations before that. I receive some compensation as Social Security Medicare and that´s what´s left of the State and Military Civil Court, the Justice Department, that always thinks twice before letting me have my gun after Riyadh and the Liberation of that Port after it came under siege during a contract negotiation argument outside the courthouse and on the church lawn but we´re working it out because there have been other situations where quick thinking is whats needed to quell an escalating situation but there are those that make it happen at the time they feel is right. I wonder about how all those people felt while I was a Police Officer at the American Air Base in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia back during the Bush Administration and Clinton Administration at the White House. Patrol Duty was relatively easy going but progressed rapidly as we were introduced to weapons to remove those from the facility that had responsibility elsewhere that they must tend to with car fare. We were so young and beautiful. I wonder if we still are because it was quite an operation tending to the poor and needy through that War.

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