Arrest, Jail, Prosecute, Judge, Justice

Everyday, each Police Officer has over 100 people they must Serve and Protect from Crime because that´s the way most people want it.

Each Arrest of a Suspect must have a Witness that does not work for the Court before the Police Officer will be believed is able to make the Arrest and claim a True Crime has been committed and the Case can go forward to the Grand Jury and a Judge that will hire a Clerk, Jailer, Prosecutor, Defense Counsel, Reporter and Jury. Often if there is no 2nd Police Officer available to decide the guilt of a suspect so that an arrest can be made then that Police Officer may summon someone known as a U.S. Magistrate at Court who will determine with the Police Officer if a True Crime has been committed, the Case should go forward to a more experienced Judge than the U.S. Magistrate who has been temporarily Deputized the moment they were summoned to bear witness and help the Police Officer determine guilt at the scene of the Arrest and if the Suspect should be Jailed in the County with a more experienced U.S. Magistrate that often presides over cases at the Jail for pay.

Every person the Police Officer contacts is a Suspect and every Suspect a Police Officer Arrests is a Defendant and every Defendant must speak with the U.S. Magistrate within 72 hours of Arrest so that bail can be arranged even if there is no bail. Defendant has a right to a Grand Jury and a Speedy Trial by a Jury of people that don´t work for the Court.

The U.S. Magistrates are the keepers of U.S. Government Property that will be issued to U.S. Marshals making it U.S. Marshal’s Property.

The State of Virginia according to Social Literature about the High Court is U.S. Magistrate Holy Land because the U.S. Courthouse where the U.S. Marshal’s work under the direction of the U.S. Federal Attorney General in the District is on the Land set aside by the State of Virginia and they levy a Tax on all business transactions conducted there but there is City Law to consider and in cases involving State Rights the US Marshal may dismiss orders issued by the U.S. Federal Attorney General (Lawyer for the United States Magistrates or Metro Washington, D.C., P.D.) but is also the Commander of the Armed Services receiving orders from the U.S. Marshal) as the U.S. Marshal is the City of Washington Police Officer and there is no one better than the other but the Chief of that Police Department determines pay while presiding at the U.S. Supreme Court as the Bailiff and is sometime referred to as the 10 U.S. Supreme Court Justice and Anonymous.


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