What´s Going On

The People around here in King County, Seattle, Washington, USA must love hearing me cuss them out for thinking they´re going to get away with what they´re doing to me now and what they did to me at the Port of Seattle aboard an Air Craft Carrier, back in 1989, when I was a PhD Government Studies and newly deputized United States Magistrate assigned there as Ships Doctor when I was sexually assaulted on the bridge before the ship left port and I punched the assailant knocking him to the ground where he proceeded to crawl into the corner and hide his identity in the shadow and I was escorted off the ship and heavily sedated for several years and put back in the company of my mother who I think is a Court Clerk or Legal Secretary at a Law Firm when they came to me and told me that I was exonerated of all charges and I didn´t have to go to court after all and snuck me a border ship to the bridge and put me in an Admirals Uniform and yes I was qualified and took thousands of pictures and we set sail around the world. I think the reason they did this is because my parents might be my parents but they put me up for adoption in Brooklyn, New York at the Customs House and that´s the Marshal’s Place and I think this has always been the game as New York City a Naval Port under the direction of Norfolk, Virginia Naval Installation when it come right down to it. I was 17 years old back in 1989 and when I wandered into Charlottesville, Virginia in 2004 at the age of 31 years old and went to the University of Virginia seeking medical attention for a complaint of a head injury with amnesia they gave me 400 mg of Seroquel, I think, and as I passed out for 5 days told me I had Schizophrenia instead and put me in an ambulance and sent me to Richmond, Virginia where I remained for those 5 days and then told me I was released and could go anywhere in the State but first I needed to have a shot in my ass of Risperadol a Paralytic/Sedative/ Hypnotic Drug meany for persons already previously convicted of a felony and then almost 2 years later filed criminal charges on me for District Robbery tricking the Criminal Court into filing because of the incident with the Navy in 1989 in Western Washington State an area highly unfavorable to the US Government, US Law and the US Marshal with the full legal right to enforce all of it at anytime, anywhere because they think they´re a bunch of idiots for helping poor people without enslaving them as has always been their position. When faced with criminal prosecution themselves another wards they´re the type that will suck you dick let you fuck them up the ass or masturbate the Police, Firefighter (Federal) Sheriff, Marshal rather than go to prison for their crimes here in the USA so the story goes and they beat me up because I am a Police Firefighter(Federal) Sheriff Marshal but I ain´t queer and they´re in charge of delivering the property unless the Army has to do it in an emergency because they are Treasury as well and staff the Courthouse but the US Army Controls the Mint and I guess the Navy says not for long because the US Army sure want a boy that´s almost a man in the Navy (Magistrate) (Marine – Air Force) to run around with…, and don´t get mad at me I didn´t invent the story I´ve just heard it about a thousand times the last few years. Please excuse the bad language but they did it to me again Made me feel very unwelcome and then told me so at the Starbucks at the corner of 4th and Seneca Seattle, Washington USA after I´webcam-toy-photo4312ve completed several hundred hours of computer internet work there, these last few months and in years past and I think Homeland Security just turned more of their attention on the site to demolish the building and build something else there but I have a feeling they just plan to steal the investors money and worse, but I hope they don´t, I don´t know.

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