I´m a Poor Minister for about $12,000 a year

I graduated Coast Guard Academy and was decorated at an outdoor ceremony in front of everyone at fairgrounds and I graduated Naval Academy and I was decorated in front of everyone at outdoor fairgrounds and I was assigned to an Air Craft Carrier as Ship´s Doctor and because some queer grabbed my ass and said I was going to be his bitch and whore as soon as we were at sea and I tossed him into a corner I was removed from the ship and told I would have to undergo intense psychological examination through medical interrogation with drugs and  after it went on a few years and I had just about forgotten they told me I was cleared of all charges and during all of the experiment I was photographed in a  Marshal Uniform and an Admiral Uniform and told that I would have to remain undercover for a long time to come, possibly, indefinitely, because I seem to be a good problem solver.

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