What happened

I awoke on the morning of 9/11/2001 just after the first commercial jet airliner crashed into the World Trade Center (Police Headquarters) in New York, New York. In the days following that event I watched the story of why it happened unfold on television while similar events took place including the belt way sniper attacks of John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo, an Army Soldier and the West Indies (Like Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, just off the coast of Florida) teenager he adopted and brought to the mainland, first settling in Alabama and then traveling to Tacoma, Washington where they lived until they decided to go on a crime spree that ended when they were caught at a Highway Rest Stop.

At the time of 9/11 the Federal Government had launched several anti-monopoly lawsuits and two of them are of very interesting note; Tyco, a Cork, Republic of Ireland Security Company Headquartered in Seattle, Washington and Enron, an Omaha, Nebraska Energy Company Headquartered in Houston, Texas, and a Electrical Provider for the Department of Energy in Washington, DC during United States President George W. Bush (2000 – 2008) time at the White House.

It is interesting to contemplate the beginning of the Federal Government with 2nd US President John Adams of Braintree, Massachusetts making the claim for Independence from Great Britain because of excessive taxation by the British and the march of armed persons to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to settle the dispute with the British Forces that controlled the Central Government there as the leaders of rebellion were being rounded up and placed in that territory to serve out the sentence of punishment for their actions, possibly even to liberate Benjamin Franklin of Boston, Massachusetts, as he was taken there for suspicion, as a legal remedy for Taxation without Representation through the Courts as the British controlled the Court System in those days and there seemed to be a need for American – Born Judges when the Virginian and General of the Continental (Confederate) Army George Washington laid siege to the British Forces in Philadelphia retreating to New Jersey several times before making it the very same island where the World Trade Center was built afterwards where he was captured and held prisoner at Saint Peter’s Church until the other leaders of the Rebellion drafted an apology in the form of a Peace Treaty and a US Constitution declaring the interference of legal trading (the agreement or contract) in the United States of America to be the most serious crime.

Since I was asked to sign both contracts necessary to make me a US Marshal Police Officer for the rest of my life before I was 20 years old but was never given any identification to that effect except on the rare occasion when sedatives were given me secretly so that I could be placed in uniform and have pictures taken I’m starting to think that maybe it is still the Anti-British Forces (Federal Government) at work in this country because the US Marshal and US Magistrates are Court Officials of a Worldwide Legal System of Sheriff and Police Officers operating a Public Welfare System of Community Resources and Management that is advertised to be equally available to everyone without discrimination based on race, color, creed, national origin, sexuality or profession, social status or age it was probably because I am a student and to be encumbered with the weight of prosecution as all law enforcement officers must endure might hinder an idea that had been thought up long before my time that there is a need for such persons to exist (100% undercover law enforcement officer with no personal contact information about the officials withholding the police property made available) as some local government might say the US Legal System is no more than the British Legal System in disguise or working undercover and that makes me feel like those officials have made me homeless and are implying that I seek comfort in the arms of strangers that could be criminals that they would say are more pro American than myself even after I am wrongfully accused of a crime and jailed or robbed, raped and murdered and that is very depressing. I wonder about the Homeland Security Department (Federal Government) and whether they are even Pro-English since the US Government are English speaking British-Americans because they have the power to rally and get me the Courthouse and compel the Court to release US Marshal Property to me but that makes me wonder if the US Marshals themselves have reconsidered those contracts and feel that Due Process of Law US constitution 5th Amendment need not be followed on the matter (Official Impeachment Trial at the US Capital before the US Congress) because I have been told that I will never be able to marry or own real property and I haven’t been convicted of Rape or Murder and the Robbery Conviction in Virginia was coerced because the State Doctor (Benjamin Pearce 2004 – 2013) at Region 10 CSB, 800 Preston Avenue, Charlottesville, Virginia had me on Prescription Sedatives for almost 2 years and I was placed on Social Security Disability at I was 33 years old, before the case came before the Circuit Court of Charlottesville, Virginia (Judge Edward Hogshire, Jr. 1/2007). I am a University Professor of Government and maybe it just means that much to them but in my opinion they are giving the anti-government forces and making it appear that the Federal Government (Confederacy) truly are winning giving them too much confidence causing them to celebrate in drunken revelry while I am alone suffering from nightmares, headaches and stomach aches daily, sometimes, so that I appear as chum or bait to catch them. As part of my completed training I went through Federal Government Training and I am familiar with that habitat and environment. I wonder if it’s because my sexual orientation is straight more than everything else.

The United States has always been a State Sheriff Government that has given the City Police Power under the Federal Law (If Police accept Higher Education with the Fire Department they are given additional Police Power in other Jurisdictions and may one day become Sheriff and have the Financial Resources to hire Police Agents to assist them in all aspects of resource management according to law) and since I am so poor my only choice is to live in the city near them if homosexuality is most important than I’m a dead man (Victim) as my identity is no secret to them.

Wish me luck!

I need all that I can get!

Help me!

Pray, Pray, Pray!

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