Letters to the War Department; 1784 to 1800 – Phillip Bush

George Bush – Brother

Just North of Market Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania west of City Hall is Land that was given for an Estate to 2nd US President John Adams (Federal/Abolitionist) and as a reward for Legal work done by Andrew Hamilton (Town Mayor -Attorney/Sheriff) brother to Alexander Hamilton founder of the Currency System rests that Estate and there is another Famous place the Bush Estate (Town Watch – Lawyer/Police) given for exceptional letter writing at about that time.

The Adams, Hamilton and Bush Estates have placed upon them the US Treasury Mint, Famous Hotels and the Manufacturing Center for one of the most useful inventions of them all the US Train Locomotive.

Strange that this all seems relevant to what goes on in this day and age as we all contemplate the actions of the Department of Homeland Security and how it seems like people that live in Hotels have been trained to exhibit motives that are very Loco over Money, this is just my observation after all I am allowed to make it because they taught me to understand how it is and had me sign contracts stating that I understand when they brought me to court and made me a US Minister and for $12, 000 a year I just want to give the people of my birthplace every pennies worth.

John Adams probably was a Militia Man that fought for his right to own property by wrestling it away from the authorities as an Attorney/Lawyer in arguments at Court and in a Gentleman’s Agreement agreed not to Practice Law because he became a man of wealth (a Person with Property and an interesting Media or way of doing things that was impressive and justified his actions during the Revolutionary War 1776 – 1787 allowing him to found a County in Pennsylvania) and agreed to hire Andrew Hamilton as Sheriff and Bush was the Sheriff Deputy and Town Watchman and today would be called the City Police Officer.

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