Coming Up

It’s crazy! Every time I think of it and I start to realize how wrong it is that I get really frustrated because no one’s perfect right and I want what I was promised when I signed those contracts and well a lot of the company thinks I should have to wait a little while longer. Well, I hear a lot of people say that God is Perfect, yeah, I say God is Perfect but God is God and to say that God is like some kind of human being is asking God to step put of Heaven and well I don’t want to do that even though sometimes I do mostly because in the Holy Bible and the Old Testament Book of Ecclesiastes in the Chapter 3 I think it is that asks who is that wonders who may go up to heaven and who will go down to hell in a way that says we risk being caught up in God’s Wrath because we aren’t satisfied with the answer we we get for having to ask for what we need from the people around us because we aren’t perfect and we need to be thankful for everything that we have no matter how much we think that we need more but that it will happen probably so that we remember to be thankful because God told us all how God wants us to behave and that’s important so I’m going to just be thankful that I got a really seriously intense Police and Sheriff Academy Training and now I have to walk the streets as a street Minister getting my rest where I can while everyone thinks that I’m still in school except the people that know better and my blood relatives just did what they thought was necessary so that we all pull our fair share of the load up that great big hill of hope towards our final destination borrowing off of one another and sometimes forgetting to mention exactly where we got it or that we borrow sometimes more than we loan.

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