Could it be the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office financially supports the State Attorney/CIA Office

In the United States of America is the Authority of the Deputy to act as the Official acts limited to the Original Jurisdiction (the territory where the agent was deputized) and in this case, is the State Attorney/CIA a Calvert County Sheriff or simply a Deputy that may only act as the Sheriff does in Calvert County, Maryland and when outside of Calvert, County, Maryland may act only as an Attorney (Accountant) for the United States Marshal Police Force on behalf of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office and until they have left the United States of America do they become a United States Law Enforcement Officer in the interest of County Government and the establishment of City/State Politics in the conquest and settling of new land on behalf of the United States Government in it’s entirety and much like how an Embassy is established after a Peace Treaty is made in Foreign Government after the War?

Since, I’m a US Marshal Police Officer, which essentially is an expert Calvert County Sheriff whose been given the name “Chief Police Officer” so that I may audit Corporate earnings as any Police Officer does and I am in King County Seattle, Washington USA, a State Attorney/CIA favorite destination, could it be they all think I’m Lord Calvert himself (Who would have under United States Law been thought to be a United States Marshal Police Officer) back from the dead and I’ve come to take all the profits away and return them to Calvert County, Maryland and that’s why some of them treat me so cautiously so as to prevent that by keeping me mentally and physically weak while also knowing that I am a United States Marshal Police Officer w/o Law Enforcement Property from the very start of my career until I can prove I know what’s going on and how it all works.

Is all of this done in the name of “State Capitol Government” for the benefit of the United States Capitol in Washington DC where I suspect the United States Congress to be composed of State Attorney/CIA at least at the United States Senate level to ensure the survival of Maryland and County Government in Politics with the Federal Bureau of Investigation at the United States House of Representatives working on the Boston, Massachusettes to Charlottesville, Virginia agreement for an organized City Police Force that began in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the city side of the same story?

Is the Department of Homeland Security an attempt to make the story of United States Capitol Government the #1 learning experience.

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