As a US Marshal I am a CEO in Corporate America

Last night as I sat working at the Bus and Train Station at 3rd Avenue and Seneca Street in Seattle, Washington USA two young women appeared and seemed to be waiting for someone and along came a slightly older than middle aged man and as I was busy working I overheard the man using a negative tone of voice and then the older of the younger women told the man to “Fuck Off” and then to go away and he started to leave and then came back calling them cunts and I set my laptop aside and stood up and asked the man to leave them alone and he came at me and I put my fists up and Identified myself as a US marshal Police Officer on Disability but there was alcohol on his breath and as a Doctor it appeared to me as though he possibly had been using some form of speed and as he turned from me and went for my laptop I told him to let it alone and he didn’t stop so I gently gained his attention by tapping his thigh with my foot and told him to leave me alone and I took out my cell phone and attempted to dial 911 Emergency but the man was threatening me with bodily harm so I put my cell phone away and we commenced to fighting. My shoe is destroyed. The City Police in SUV’s arrived about twenty minutes later and as I had managed to calm the man down by explaining a few things about his behavior that seemed particularly bad he agreed that he is a rapist and a thief and really doesn’t care and I advised the City Police of my US Marshal Disability and of what the man said and as I had remembered having been used by the Virginia Authorities while at the State Prison there under false pretenses and taken out of the institution heavily sedated in 2008 and brought to Seattle, Washington USA where the same exact thing happened at the same exact place one of the City Police Officers started ordering me around and I told him to not say anything to me and then his partner said they were allowed to and then I advised them of the US Law on the matter and the fact they had signed an agreement that declares me to be Chief of Police and that if the scene was they’re doing that they are only stealing from their own retirement plan because I was doing corporate work by making business contacts vis a vis the Internet and very Common Websites and that was it and because I have a Salary Cap and my stocks and bonds get sold first during a downturn in the economy they really weren’t making much sense. I’m starting to believe that since prostitution and drug usage seem to be so prevalent and they might be the managers that graft is they’re way of life and that their 401K or 501K Retirement Plan isn’t as lucrative as the fast money associated with racketeering and that they could care less if I have anything and that’s why I am truly out on the streets digging for food out of the trashcans most of the month and my USMS and USA contracts just appear to be in limbo and I have to bear a label of incompetent and felon as it also appears a lot of the time that the #1 reason is I’m not homosexual and to them that means I’m disposable like a woman’s douche. Maybe, things will get better after all before I became a US marshal I was a Seattle Police Officer and a King County Sheriff and I had worked at many more Police and Sheriff Departments. I didn’t come back to King County Seattle, Washington USA to hurt or kill anyone and just wanted to live here and now I may have to leave here a nervous wreck w/o any State Identification, either.

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