Corporate Greed Dissolving

Maybe what it we’re seeing at Boeing is actually a slow down in the excessive idealism that brings a lot of wealth at the expense of quiet neighborhoods becoming dangerously overcrowded cities with high unemployment and the opportunity for the Chief to go abroad and the Executives to retire in style with a brand new farm to call their own while the next generation of hopeful citizens get’s their chance to run the home office.

The Sheriff’s job back at the farm in the county now that the United States of America has basically become a farmer’s dream come true because of technology that has brought us robots that can do the heavy lifting and much needed automation that keeps the assembly line moving in the right direction towards the loading docks at the factory is to educate parents that can teach the children the basics on how to operate machinery safely and how to stay sober in between the harvests.

If it’s meant to be I think we’ll begin hearing some more great stories of people that have stopped chasing lifeless pursuits because the wisdom of you can’t take it with you when you leave finally makes sense to them and they have decided to do an about face and turn over a new leaf in the story of their life and really get involved in the charity work that puts food on everyone’s table, clothes on everyone’s back and a roof over everyone’s head so that we can all sleep a little better at night and if not we’ll just keep hearing the crying of the slaves being worked to death under the vice of the task master with their demands that enough is never enough as the energy is being squeezed out of us all and our communities dry up, wither away and die at the same time.

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