The Uniformed Sheriff and Police are the Navy Civil Representatives of the City and State Government Administration Law Enforcement Community

The Plainclothes Officers are United States Army Criminal Law Enforcement of the County with Executive Authority over the Navy because the Army was first in Law Enforcement.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) are Federal District Investigators Banking Code Violations that culminate in Criminal Law Violations.

The F.B.I./Federal Police Officers are City, County, State Administrative Law Enforcement Officers Investigating Banking Code Violations that culminate in Civil and Criminal Law Violations and they work closely with the State Attorney/C.I.A.

The United States Marshal is an Army Sheriff (Plainclothes) accepted by the Navy as the person with the complete plan of US Government as of 1789.

All United States Armed Services originate with the Army according to the United States Constitution which became the Law in 1787 and in 1789 the Army Police Chief (General) of the US Treasury and Mint Sheriff Department was created and later that year the US Army Provost Marshal Treasury Bank Sheriff Police Chief also became Chief of the Federal (Navy Treasury Banking System) Government when Congress approved of the US Marshal as Chief Executive Officer of the National (Senate; Sheriff or Admiral of the Navy City and County Uniformed Police) and Federal (House of Representatives; Chief and Captain of the Coast Guard City and County Uniformed Police) Treasury Bank Governments.

Provost is a term that means Navy Police Chief with all of the Authority.

Essentially, the Magistrates are under the Authority of the Navy and Coast Guard Uniformed Sheriff and Police and they are also under the authority of the United States Army Provost Marshal Police Officer who is sometimes referred to as the Chancellor (K-12 Public Education Systems with required Graduate Studies for Government Civil Service at Court which is the agreement of the Peace Treaty between Nations Federations and States giving them the credentials of the US Judge/Justice.

Post Graduate Studies are those degrees awarded to those that pursue education after obtaining a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

The Army awards Master Degree’s and the Navy awards PhD’s and you need a Master Degree before you can obtain a PhD.


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