A University Class Set-Up

When forming a class at a big school, I’ve heard it said that the accidental arrest and then deliberate prosecution of citizens traveling through certain college towns might be tolerated and then absolved as a result of the formation of an additional class in primitive justice which would be any authorized study of a society outside of the country added to the curriculum of a modern law school as a form of restitution to victims so that the student might be able to see similarities in their own case and know what that early warning signal might be indicating in any dangerous situation and the victim might find the support services from any interested parties that think slavery more the cause of their misfortune because the victims innocence seems to outweigh the establishments suspicions and it’s looking to be more as if the authority figures are becoming delusional rather than dealing factual according to rudimentary substantial law and that might be a result of what’s commonly called a false arrest and malicious prosecution of and innocent person because of selfish personal reasons that conflict with established law.

University’s are world renowned as desperately trying to be the place where modern law originates while most of society has decided the law begins and ends out in the wild.

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