The Justice Department

The Flag of the US Marshal is the emblem of the New York State Sheriffs Association and their #1 Deputy the F.B.I. were secretly trained in Virginia.

The US Marshal College is Philadelphia but the School has nearly been abandoned and all is not what it seems with the F.B.I., an organization that was brought about by the Sheriff to keep the US Marshal constantly at work. The US Marshal elected from the ranks of the Sheriffs who are Pastors were the first to voice their concern from the Church Pulpit as the Minister that a City Police Department be established and paid for out of the State Treasury as all counties are Estates and must have a Bank where all of the extras in the community are kept and for cooperation leniency would be shown and that is how all of the City Police Ministers out maneuvered the Sheriff and one of them went on to become Chief Judge at the Courthouse.  The Sheriff has hired many Deputies or Departments of Government since, some say, in an attempt to make themselves out to be better than the Marshal but I think it is meant to secretly admit that it probably is a tougher job to b a man or woman about town able to talk with anyone about the facts of life and probably much more dangerous especially without a gun but since it would be illegal for the Sheriff to have a US Marshal without a gun around town but also illegal for the Sheriff to arrest the US Marshal for not having a gun because the Sheriff controls the Armory where the guns are kept if it were being done The US Marshal would have to impress the local Police Department by resisting crime to find supportive attitudes that lead to gifting to survive until the Sheriff clears the way for financial support and unless the local police understand how they became a company it may all seem worthless for any US marshal to even attempt to try to convince any of them and for some reason I was chosen and trained to be a US Marshal that would one day walk into Washington State and try to do just that as they are a completely Sheriff oriented State Government Operation but since I have been a completely homeless person for over 2 1/2 years with just 13 days divided by time at a relatives, a hospital and two jails on my way back here as I have been in and out of here throughout most of my life leading up to test day but now I’m tired and it doesn’t really seem worth it any more and I’m running out of energy and it seems like from Texas and California it may be the same story and their idea of  Police Chief that is also the best Sheriff around doesn’t involve a white boy from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA that was possibly orphaned to Brooklyn, New York USA after birth such as myself and I’m pretty sure them Texans that go the other way to Virginia and on up to New York feel the same way cause I was nearly killed by the pill and then sentenced to prison while I was damn near dead a couple of years later. The other probable might be to be Police is to be somewhat of a rich New Englander and well I grew up on the other side of the tracks but I did get to rock the Casbah after they let me call out the Jet Fighters; another words they sicced a bunch of bad ass cadets on me at a bar after work and I kicked their butts all over the place and some of them were pretty big and probably from the suburbs possibly of Colorado and New Jersey if I had to take a guess where most of them were from and well that’s happened a few times and they might be embarrassed by that since I really am a Minister and somebody’s got them thinking were all pussies and I’m not sure who that could be now but the truth is I’m also the Minister that heads up the Fugitive AWol Division and to have me on indefinite 24 hour display before the community sure makes it easy for them to do their job of capturing crooks whether I live or die and since I would practically have to handwrite a detailed plan to Rape with Prejudice some really important people in the community to be impeached and put in prison or left homeless they don’t really have to pay me very much if they just spread a rumor that I was a Child Molester or something like that and I have the craziest idea that my aunt Madeline and or my Grand mom Madeline know Billy Gardner of Madison Street in Kensington, who once held  gun on me in the Parking lot of a Pharmaceutical Company in Delaware and together they conspired with Madison Hall in Charlottesville, Virginia, workplace of the Federal Attorney General who has the responsibility of arming all US Marshals because they’re Sheriffs that work at the Armory and I was there 2 years without even a hint about my identity.


Some would say it’s like blindfolding the new guy and getting him high on drugs and then taking him out to sea on a ship and making him walk the plank by pointing him in that direction and telling him there’s a sandwich and coke and a comfortable bed over there and the new guy figuring some things wrong hurriedly turns around just in time to see the thirty foot tidal wave behind them all.

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