The Mayor works for the Sheriff at City Hall and Municipal Hall as a Judge

The Sheriff is a Rich State Police Officer that may operate a factory or farm.

City Hall and Municipal Hall belong to the United States Marshal Police Officer that is Chief of Police and Chief of the Fire Department.

City Hall brings in Revenue for the Police Department and Municipal Hall brings in Revenue for the Fire Department.

The US Courthouse including Federal District and Federal Circuit Court is where the US Marshal hears cases involving the Sheriff of $100,000 or more. The Federal District Court is where Sheriffs in that Jurisdiction resolve their differences and the Federal Circuit Courthouse does likewise for City Police Officers.

In 2006, I was accused by “Lott” held at ACNRJ on District Robbery and Prosecuted by “Chapman” at Police Station Court (prob. unfullfilment of PA Law Enforcement Contract – US Army – no pay) and then at the Circuit Court (unfullfilment of CO Uphold Law Contract – USMS – no pay) while heavily sedated and Represented by “Moully” some years back in Ch’ville, VA and the arresting officer “McNerney” failed to appear and my objection was over-ruled by “Hogshire” and I served time in prison over a dollar that I politely asked for after some woman gave me her purse w/ $40.00 in it while I was heavily sedated by “Pierce” at Region 10 CSB and I kept the money and gave the purse back by throwing it in a bush beside the Credit Union right in front of her in the Omni Hotel Parking Lot beside the 4th US Appeals Court near the surveillance camera on the outside of the Courthouse. There was another accuser dressed in black at court but I didn’t get his name.

After 3 years 7 months jail prison and almost 3 years halfway house and probation I advised “Lenert” and “Feldman” at District 9 Probation and Parole that amnesia was clearing up and I now remember that I am US marshal and prosecution was false and was told by “Feldman” so what and you still not getting paid.

Prior to that “Lenert” and several Sheriffs at Circuit Court ignored law and had me arrested by City Police and taken to “Pavillion” in Williamsburg, VA and heavily sedated I voiced objection “Law of Judges” and was released next day.

I was nearly beat up at US Army JAG at UVA Campus when I attempted to receive Military ID by signing log and giving Personal Information to Clerk in Picture Room (either CO or VA State ID) in 2012 but it happened almost the same before prob. in 1990’s.

I spoke to woman at front desk inside 4th US President Madison’s Home at UVA about the matter and nearly got beat up there.

I wrote letters to the University and nearly got beat up there.

I wrote letters to the newspaper and television stations and I nearly got beat up there.

I wrote letters to the US President and nearly got beat up there.

I went to the US Capitol wanting to speak before the US Congress and I nearly got beat up there.

Law of Judges states no US Judge shall be prosecuted except before US Congress with agreement of Supreme Court.

I guess I will die on the streets homeless in this world but I pray that heaven let’s me in the house in the afterlife.

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