If I am the son of Wealthy People…,

Let’s say I am the son “Michael Edward Reif”of the Reif Family and Doyle Family that made their money legally in the Manufacturing Industry and Hotel Industry and could possibly own some of the DuPont Circle Neighborhood which includes other big name company’s like Holiday Inn, Dow Chemical and U-Haul and their Executives live in expensive Condominiums around the White House in Washington, DC and that’s the reason I am a US marshal and also the reason I have never been given US marshal Property for keeps because of the fact that the Judge insures all verdicts of the court and if I were to misjudge a set up I would just be giving away the family fortune to conspirators and their reason being that those conspirators have always seemed to find a way to hit me upside the head and cause me amnesia why does my wealthy family find it necessary to just award me a small portion of my earnings and leave me on the streets anywhere in America if it has nothing to do with homosexuality and having said that and the fact somebody took my State Identification from my pocket while I slept leaving me to believe I am outdoors 24/7 leading a Government Street Ministry to run off bums just looking for a free ride because I am a Marshal of the Court without a Pistol and my wealthy relatives might want to get some of that money back because getting a poor neighborhood clean and sober and back to work again causes them to feel like their getting ripped off?

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