Washington, DC and the Mason-Dixon Line

The Civil War (1861-1865) between the North and South was more like a War between the Army, Navy and their Supporters. The North becoming an economic haven for Successful Army Personnel and farm life while the South with a more favorable climate for the poor and their lack of having any industrial building and trade skills would lend a hand in encouraging a large Navy that could conquer the Oceans and lead to Southern Farm Redevelopment.

The end result and revelation about the issues concerning big government became obvious in that Pennsylvania and Virginia had initiated much of the conflict and driven the soldiers and sailors who had originally been enlisted and conscripted to expand the growth of the US Railroad to turn on one another at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and then at Appomattox, Virginia causing the government to have to rethink their policy for a long time to come and probably gave a great deal of incentive to invest in airplane manufacturing and major league baseball.

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