Never dismiss the obvious as the truth

I am a Philadelphia Citizen and US marshal without Law Enforcement Property that has been branded a traitor, I’m Homeless and on Disability Social Security and Medicare, possibly awaiting an Official Impeachment Hearing at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, in my opinion, as a result of not giving in to homosexuality and they are trying to cause a psychotic break from reality, first “sworn in” at the US Courthouse in Denver, Colorado (At the time that Denver, Colorado achieved Statehood July 4th, 1876 the US Courthouse there had just left South Carolina under serious allegations that they were favoring Homosexuality and it had been determined as the leading cause of the Civil War (1861-1865) and then I was “sworn in” again in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania once hired South Carolina as the Prison State for the delinquent children at any age of wealthy parentage) and several years later as I was passing through Virginia I got put on medication and hit over the head and sent to prison at Powhatan State Penitentiary the “Official Home” of the Confederate Army which started the Civil War because they didn’t want to share with the Navy causing the Army to lose the Policy making decisions of the County Sheriff’s Office.

At Sheriff-Police Academy, Denver, Colorado; I went on a Worldwide Tour of over 200 Municipalities before coming back and becoming a Deputy Marshal and then going to Philadelphia and going on a Corporate Worldwide Tour and getting hired by over 200 Corporations before becoming a US marshal.


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