Every time a heterosexual does something really amazing a homosexual gets the credit for it and every time a homosexual does something really stupid a heterosexual gets the credit for it

Is this the Department of Homeland Security Policy?

Am I to teach the employees how to obey the law and ask for what they need without getting violent and sexually mean when they have to go without money and are the bulk of my rewards for this and all of my spontaneous accomplishments like a well written essay or a night out in the cold during a crime wave on the spur of the moment the exchange for peace, love and mercy from everyone.

Once upon a time, after I became a Police Officer and Firefighter and was told I would get my Police Property when I was older and I didn’t need the tools of the trade anyway because I was going to be working undercover and that’s because I was too young and that I needed to grow up before I understood why, I was hired by the Homeland Security Agency.

The Department of Homeland Security is a Military-Police-Sheriff Operation operated by the Airport (USAF, USN, USCG) and the Railroad (USA, USMC, USNG) and the Admiral/General is a US (Homeland Security) Police Officer that has possibly quit or was fired or hasn’t quite qualified to be a US Marshal (Chief). The Admiral/General is the Homeland Security Police Officer and is considered to be 15th on the Board of Directors at the Bank and because the are new to government they enjoy a generous cash flow provided by all Government Departments.

How about since I’m a fully qualified United States Marshal Police Officer DHS just let’s me have my gear and we’ll all fight crime together the right way and keep the story of government straight?

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