Can’t Sleep

I’m a United States (Marshal) Police Officer, Firefighter and Sheriff , a Judge, without a badge, gun or uniform and it’s always been this way except on Picture Day and I’m homeless in King County Seattle, Washington USA.

I think Homeland Security is really the local Police and Fire Department or Sheriff’s Office (Federal Government) and the United States President (Sheriff-King) is the Elected Leader for a short time and works with the United States Marshal Police Officer (Church Minister) who is the Appointed Leader for a long time.

It sure seems like someone has convinced the Police Department that I’m not worthy of having Police Property because I want to make babies and most people would say that’s a crime, and it is according to the laws, because to know there’s a Police Officer in the community that doesn’t want to make babies so that the community can on with police protection from someone that grew up in a household of police officers after they’re gone is so shameful it will almost always, when talked about, lead to a violent crime in the neighborhood and to tell people they’re not allowed to talk or they’ll be jailed is almost demanding that people do something about it because that’s against the Law of Humanity, telling someone to shut up when they’re unhappy because the people around them are breaking the laws and needlessly putting them in danger because they don’t want to make babies and wars will start when the people realize they’re only doing it because they are unwilling to face the facts of life as we know it and they’re acting worse than cave people.

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