If you follow psychology than focusing on your vagina could lead to breast cancer

Metastatic Cancer is the opposite of a Benign Tumor Cancer and flows through the blood stream looking for similar tissue to attach itself to and could eventually cause Cancer in that region.

With Breast Cancer it’s Endometrial Cancer in the Cervix that leads to a hysterectomy and removal of the reproductive organs.

Pfizer’s ‘Ibrance’ a Post Menstrual Breast Cancer Medication looks to be a good way to treat the illness. I don’t recommend more than a few days at a time with any drug.

Cancer is living bacteria that is either Vitamin starved or Mineral starved and comes from water, air or soil in almost any environment and when it finds a home in animal bodies it does it’s damage. The cause is that animals are finicky about what they eat and drink and so is the bacteria and the bacteria outnumbers the animal population and life is constantly trying to find a way to survive and when you think about human intelligence sometimes we all just think we’re better than that.

Drugs are simply processed food products and what’s really important is to make arrangements for a proper diet for the long time treatment of the disease and disorder encouraging proper aerobic exercise daily which means twenty minutes of sweating.

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