Colorado State Prison System

Let’s say that since my dad was a Marine in Vietnam and then came home and became a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Police Officer and then 7 years later became an Insurance Salesman and then left for Colorado where he went to work for Labor Ready and worked at a Construction Fabrication Company and then went to work as Chief of Security at a Southland Corp. Construction Site and then as Chief of Security at the Downtown Denver, CO Marriott Hotel and then as just a Security Guard at the DoubleTree Hotel in Aurora, Colorado that maybe he went to New York and became a Federal Sheriff and he had to sell me to them by putting me up for adoption and that’s how I became a United States Marshal Police Officer without Property and it’s because I was condemned a criminal before I even started life to be used by wealthy New Yorkers with their poor Southern friends and because I won’t queer they just treat me like a dumb shit and I have to go to jail a lot and stay outside because I’m undomesticated and well since I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania I have to buy my way back into the Coast Guards Home by doing all that I can for them and the Colorado State Prison System is wondering just like I am if I will have to queer with them too to get someplace inside to live besides the jail prison hospital as a patient convict dumbshit.

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