Washington, DC History

According to the History Books Slavery is illegal in the United States of America and any people that were enslaved before the law was passed at the United States Congress have been given back their land and will receive pay for all of their pain and suffering.

The United States Government began when George Washington began a State Diplomatic and Military Expedition to the Lord Berkley Estate (English Land Colony) along the Potomac River and a Rebellion broke out because George Washington, Lord Berkley (Lord of English Land Colony) and several other Colonial Landlords (Sheriffs) from the English Colonies along the Appalacian Mountain Range could not come to suitable terms (Uniform) of the Contract (Goods and Services for Goods and Services) they were Drafting to form a United States Capitol on the North American Continent and the Revolutionary War began and ended when Lord Berkley vacated the Estate (English Land Colony) and sailed back to England (Capitol of Estates) temporarily before sailing around the world to California and starting again.

This History Lesson leaves me wondering if some of the bloody fighting here in North America isn’t the result of the very same facts that led to the Revolutionary War and the Settlement spelled out in the United States Constitution (Contract) of 1787 and the acknowledgement of the promise that all land would be returned to it’s rightful owner and the fear that comes with having to move because of the promise of a place down on the Family Estate leaving the renters way of life in the past but not knowing if the Landlord, a Sheriff would lead as a Militant or as a Minister preaching (Executive) good morals such as honesty and integrity as ethics first in problem solving and practicing law with the conduct of a gentleman or lady in conversation (Court) when considering other family members and they handle the difficult problems (Congress).

I am thankful that the original plan of a three tier (Executive, Congress, Court) Democracy (Voting) operating within the framework of a Republic (Statutory Law) has lasted this long and I will admit gives me a reason to think that I may come and go without hurting anyone whenever I like in the United States of America but I must remember that many other cities in North America and the rest of the World are trying to do the same as Washington, DC and it can be very dangerous sometimes.

Federal Law begins with the Bill of Rights and they are the Amendments (solved problems with the Constitution)!

I am currently in Seattle, Washington USA and I have been reduced to Social Security, Medicare and living outdoors and strangely enough I feel like a Native American, could I be hearing from the Spirit of Chief Seattle and his sadness that the Landlords of today have placed such a high price on the rent of local apartments and homes?



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