Which is more important the Bank or the Court

The Hotel and the nearby Hospital at the center of Town is where life begins for most people and working there you will hear all kinds of stories about what goes on at the the Bank and at the Court and you might even hear that the Bank and the Court together are the Church Elders and if you worked there long enough you might even discover that you work at the Bank and the Court and are considered an Elder at the Church but if you’re smart you’ll remember the Seniority System or a clever saying that proclaims age before beauty meaning we’re to all give the Old Folks a break and listen to what they have learned over the years as we watch them work right along beside us so that we will know how to do our job the very best mindful that in the United States of America the Legal System states that the Law contains the Rules and Regulations of the Legal Code and that it is a good idea to read from them everyday so that you won’t be perceived as speaking out of turn and get hit upside the head for it as you try to manage a wealth of opportunity to get rich yourself by serving and protecting the interesting people and places in the community that keep everybody coming back for more with plenty of dollars and cents to buy more than enough food, drink, clothing and building supplies for everyone working to have something to do when the times are slow and a depression has fallen upon us because most everyone thought that the recession wouldn’t last this long. It pays to be prepared.

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